associate files

I have created a Text Editor,
How I can associate *.txt files with my Editir.
meaning: when someone will click on a txt file,
instead of seeing it in Notepad, he will see it in
my Text Editor.

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andysalihConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Please read the disclaimer at the end of this page, before preforming this procedure.
If you open a file from Windows Explorer and Windows 95/98 has associated the file with the wrong application, this can be fixed.

1. Open Windows Explorer and select the file that you're having trouble with, by left clicking once on it.

2. Press and hold the Shift key as you right-click the file once.

3. From the pop-up menu, choose "Open With" to display the Open With dialog box.

4. Choose the program you want to associate with the selected file type. You can choose the "Always" option if you want the system to always use this new association. Select OK to reassign the association.

check this out:

hope it helps!

To manually associate a file format with an application, but not the application's file icon:
1. Choose Start > Programs > Windows Explorer.
2. Select a file whose file format association you want to change. For example, if you want to change the file format association for all TIFF files, select a TIFF file.
3. Press Shift+F10, or Shift+right-click the file you selected in step 2.
4. Choose Open With from the pop-up menu. (If Open With is not available, repeat steps 2-3.)
5. In the Open With dialog box, select the application with which you want to associate the file format. If the application isn't listed, click Other, then locate the desired application.
6. Select the option labeled "Always use this program to open files of this type" and click OK.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 for any other file format associations you want to change.

hope this helps

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Dim objWSHShell As Object
Set objWSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
        objWSHShell.RegWrite "HKCR\txtfile\shell\open\command", "c:\Editors\MyCoolEditor.exe %1"
Set objWSHShell = Nothing


Ryan ChongCommented:
Hi CTrip1,

Another useful link:

'Hope will help.
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now hang on a second, here.

I have a question while we are on the topic.  How is it that you get you app to associate with the file type ... hmmmmm (for give me I'm a n00b).

For instance, when I open a given file type in explorer, how does my program know what exactly to do with that file?

You'll have a better chance of getting an answer if you ask a new question...

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