Can any one suggest me..
 When i am compling my program.I got the error as :

"": Error #: 2301 : internal compiler error: java.lang.NullPointerException

My program is littlebit bit big (1500 line). how to solve this problem ?

waiting for reply.
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Look at the stack trace and see which line the exception occurs.
kapil009Author Commented:
Hi Yonqsinq
Error occurs in complation not while running the program.
A NullPointerException is thrown during runtime. It seems to be thrown by the compiler. Which compiler are you using?
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Maybe this is a bug by your compiler. I suggest you to isolate the problem. Then, when you've isolated it, you can work-around it.

How to isolate it?

Comment out the half of your program and recompile it. (You should comment out in a way that you don't introduce compiler errors like missing methods, etc.) If the NullPointerException doesn't happen anymore, you know, the problem is inside the commented-out region. Repeat the steps still you have cornered the mysterious bug. If you work in small steps and methodically, you can find the bug of the compiler rather fast (less than a day).

A small hint: It is bad programming style to have a big class (I assume your "program" is a single, big class). It is better to split up your program into entities, into so called objects. If you have a single object with very large methods, then you are still programming in the old-fashioned procedure-oriented way.

I think, you wouldn't have had this problem this way.

Good luck!
An example on how to comment out:

You have a method

int countParsedStrings(String[] strings) {
    lots of code

Comment it out this way:

int countParsedStrings(String[] strings) {
    //lots of code
    return new String[] {};

Most editors have a command to comment out whole blocks. I configured JBuilder that on the press of Shift-Escape the current line is commented out or in. If I have a block selected, all lines of the blocks are commented out or in.
Ah, sorry, should be

return 0; // instead of return new String[] {}
Do U get the same error when using the javac command?
sometimes Vendors compiler like borland's Jbulider have lots (and that is an under statment) bug, most of them accurs after long hours, and booting your compiler might help, any way, using the javac command should not give u this error.
That's bullshit, dear friend yoavdo. JBuilder is an IDE, not a compiler. The problems you encountered can be memory problems. Buy more RAM. Software developing is resource-intensive...
kapil009Author Commented:
Thanx ..

I have used different complier and the problem solved.

Very well!

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