Crystal Reports - subreport - print to file problem

I have lot of reports designed with Crystal reports with sub reports in them. Now, using Crystal OCX control from VB, when I set a formula for the subreport and try to print to file, I get an error no. 20997 with lots of '?' in the error message, and some other characters in it (like '???t??????????? ?'). But it prints to Window fine. Only to print to file, I get problem.

The vb code is like this:

CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = "PsStk001.rpt"

CrystalReport1.SubReportToChange = "PsStkSel.rpt"

CrystalReport1.Formulas(1) = "vbCaption1 = 'Department'"
CrystalReport1.Formulas(2) = "vbField1 = 'D1'"

CrystalReport1.SubReportToChange = ""

CrystalReport1.Destination = crptToFile
CrystalReport1.PrintFileType = crptCrystal
CrystalReport1.PrintFileName = "C:\a.rpt"

CrystalReport1.Action = 1

This happens, to almost all reports with subreports. Any ideas please, we need to set right all those reports, that give this problem.
Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantAsked:
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It might just be a problem with your report having a subreport.  Make a copy of an existing report, remove the subreport, then try again.  If it prints to file ok, then maybe consider doing your report without the subreport.  Not sure if this will help, I just remember overhearing another developer haveing lots of trouble with subreports....


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Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the comment. But it is not one report I am having this problem. Almost all reports, having subreport work fine when I dont set the formulas property from VB. Also, when I set formulas from VB and print to Window then it works fine.

But only when I export to file, in RPT format, I get this problem. I found that I could do it without sub-report, but then it will take me lot of time to convert, since, I need to pass around 30 formulae to the form, which then I might need to do all subreport parts in the main report, for all those reports.
There is a setting in Crystal, in two places, that allow for "more descriptive error messages".  Make sure you set it in both places...  

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Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Could you tell me where to set it or where from I could get the info?
Valli...I haven't had Crystal in my current job for 10 months, but I think that you should look under Options and Report Options.  Make sure that you select it in both locations.  This was the case with Crystal 6.0 when I used to use it.

Good luck,
Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I found what you were referring. It is "More Report Engine Error Messages" in both Options and Report Options. The Options one is already selected in my CR7. In report, it is un-clicked. Let me give a try and report it.
Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantAuthor Commented:

So far no luck. Any other ideas?
Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Well, found a workaround for the problem. Thanks for your help.
Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I used the subreports, but with a dummy 'Shared ' like,

Shared StringVar SubReportTitle:="1";

declaration there, and it works without problems, when setting formulas. Somehow, it handles the problem. :)
Well, eh, thanks for the points!  Did the "More Report Engine Error Messages" help?  Or did you just want award the points?

Thanks again,
Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Nope, I learnt that, but it did not help. Points for your assistance, as I learn from one qn. that you can award also for assistance. :)
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