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Unicode/STL/Varargs problem

Posted on 2001-08-06
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-20
Hi.  I am very stumped by this problem.
I have a small Unicode MFC project (_UNICODE is defined).
VC 6.0 / Win2K .  Also it uses STL strings.

Building the code below works ok.
But uncommenting the line in test_msgs() causes
incorrect strings to pop up in the dialog.
And if the function is called a 2nd time, the app crashes.

Any ideas?  Thank you very much.

#include <stdarg.h>
#include <string>

typedef unsigned short unichar;

class ustring : public std::basic_string<unichar>
     ustring() {}
     ustring(const unichar *rhs) : std::basic_string<unichar>(rhs) {}
     ustring(const ustring &rhs) : std::basic_string<unichar>(rhs) {}

static void popup_msg(const ustring &msg, ...) {
     wchar_t buf[2048];

     va_list args;
     va_start(args, msg);
     vswprintf(buf, msg.c_str(), args);


void test_msgs(void) {
     wchar_t wbuf[80];

     lstrcpy(wbuf,L"WChar test: %s");
     CString cstr="test 10";

     // When I uncomment the following line, it breaks
     //ustring ustr1=L"test 11";

     ustring ustr2(wbuf);
Question by:bwilhelm
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Expert Comment

ID: 6357218
there are MS definition for UNICODE STL strings its called wstring (so you can get read of ustring)

Expert Comment

ID: 6358555
first, if you use unicode you should define both the symbol _UNICODE and UNICODE ; some of the microsoft-code is not being changed to _UNICODE yet.

the line: CString cstr="test 10";
should look like this:

  CString cstr= L"test 10";  //or
  CString cstr= _T("test 10");

there are also wrapper-classes to handle wchar_t, for.ex _bstr_t, f.ex.:
_bstr_t bstrBuf( L"test 10");
there are several assign-operators you can use to transform char to wchar_t.

instead of lstrcpy() you should use _tcscpy() or wcscpy(), because lstrcpy() is not for unicode use.

Expert Comment

ID: 6365469

The problem here in:

// When I uncomment the following line, it breaks
//ustring ustr1=L"test 11";

is ustri is a class, you need constructor to create an instence.
The parameter should be  unichar -- unsigned short int, wchar_t

You can do:

wchar_t  asc[8]= {0x74,0x65,0x73,0x74,0x20,0x31,0x31,NULL};  //alloc and init
ustring ustr1(asc);   // construct
popup_msg(ustr1,cstr);  // display

You will get right display.

The values in init are:
char       unicode       ascii
t               0x0074        0x74
e             0x0065        0x65
s             0x0073        0x73
space    0x0020        0x20
1             0x0031        0x31
NULL -- unicode string end.

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Author Comment

ID: 6369160
Thanks for your tips.
I tried them all and still have the same problem.

Here's the latest, pared down a little lot.
Do you have any other suggestions?  Thanks a lot. - Bruce

#include <stdarg.h>
#include <string>

typedef std::basic_string<wchar_t> unistr;

#define DISPLAY_STR(str)          AfxMessageBox(CString(str),MB_OK)

// this function works
static void popup_msg1(const unistr &msg, wchar_t *wptr) {
    wchar_t buf[2048];



// this function does not work
static void popup_msg2(const unistr &msg, ...) {
    wchar_t buf[2048];

    va_list args;
    // the following line crashes


void test_msgs2(void) {
    wchar_t wbuf[80], wbuf2[80];
    wcscpy(wbuf,_T("WChar Test: %s"));
    wcscpy(wbuf2,_T("test 12"));

    unistr ustr(wbuf);
    popup_msg1(ustr,wbuf2);     // this call succeeds
    popup_msg2(ustr,wbuf2);     // this call crashes

Accepted Solution

ShaunWilde earned 1200 total points
ID: 6371568
ahhh - sorry I should have looked more closely - this is a known problem with using references and the va_* macros see

you can use their fix or you could just change your code

static void popup_msg2(const unistr *msg, ...) {
   wchar_t buf[2048];

   va_list args;
   // the following line crashes




Author Comment

ID: 6372494
Thanks, that is exactly the problem I was seeing.

Expert Comment

ID: 6372915
glad to help - I learnt something from this also

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