linux DNS bind running too heavy ?

our server run in PII 200  and 64 M memory , run with
sendmail8.9.3-15 and bind-8.2.3-0.6.x , but dns service
ot work properly.when I set the window point to this
dns , sometimes it reply the domain resolve ,but sometimes
wait for login time no response .

On thr other hand , I build up another linux dns server ,
only running bind-8.2.3-0.6.x , it work properly ,
I don't know it is a bug in bind or it is too heavy for
a linux running mail and dns server ?
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did you check /var/log/messages for named messages?
It is definately not too "heavy" for a server like that, my 2ndary DNS box is a mere P1-200MMX with 64MB of ram and it runs BIND , Apache, sendmail MySQl, PHP etc, and all without any problems. I suspect that you might have some process pulling your system down, and an easy way to check this is to issue the "top" command. Just type top on a command prompt and you will see a dynamic list of processes. The "busiest" and hence most likely processes causing the problem will be at the top of the list. Look also at the memory listing at the top of the display, it will show memory:, and memory used, memory available etc.
If your machine has very little available memory and none of the processes you see in top seems to be missbehaving, then it might be that your system simply has too little RAM, but I doubt it. Look for processes that are or have been running for a very long time as well as those taking up alot of the processor power.
sendmail could also be the problem; if you have alot of outbound mail due to a very large list of mails etc, sendmail can cause the system to appear sluggish.
Of course , your internet connection to the box could also cause this apparent sluggishness...
I agree with psimation - I maintain a P100 with 24M of RAM running sendmail and bind 9.1 w/ no prob...

Something is bogging down your system or otherwise causing you problems - bind + sendmail is generally not that great of a load...

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