using ssh to tunnel a service?

say I have two boxes A and B
A is able to use CVS and CVSup
B is not.
is there anyway I can use ssh
to make it seem to B that the
correct ports are open by tunneling
ports on B to A?

I do not want to just do all my cvsing
on A and export it with NFS or the like.

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dorwardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ssh -L6543:localhost:6543 you@remotehost

Will let you connect to localhost port 6543 and send the data to port 6543 on the remote host. Just replace 6543 with the port that CVS oporates on (if you don't know it you could "nmap localhost" while logged in to the machine which works (nmap can be found by searching on )
CVS can be setup using ssh: set environment variable CVS_RSH ssh, the cvs server must be using the pserver protocol
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