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Getting following error "Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer."

We have been having an issue that seems to be getting worse and worse.
This never used to happen. This only happens over the 56k connection. On
the local LAN we get no errors.

Here is the background info: Currently we are running Exchange 5.5 SP4 on
at all our sites on NT Server 4.0 SP6a PC's. Our remote users connect via
56k line thru a vpn client.

Here is the typical sync error the users are receiving:

9:06:39 Sending offline mail
9:07:34 Error sending message
9:07:34 [80040115-514-0-0]
9:07:34 Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft
Exchange Server computer.
9:07:34 Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
9:07:34 For more information on this failure, click the URL below:

Also, some more info:
I dial in via RAS on a NT server and I can sync fine. I dial in via authentication software (3rd party) and it
won't sync working offline, but syncs if connected. It almost seems to be wanting to connect to the address book or something when sending messages working offline but not sure. The difference in ping times between the two
connection methods is about 100ms or so. I should also say that it only fails when I try to reply to email that is in my offline folders. I can send new mail fine (most of the time), but I also can't receive mail. I
get a "No transport provider" error when trying to reply to mail.
1 Solution
Try www.microsoft.com/technet/exchange/trouble.asp.
It contains help on troubleshooting many aspects of client connection problems.
cadelongAuthor Commented:
Haven't had any luck with any of Microsofts articles. Thanks anyways though....
cadelongAuthor Commented:
Now I have also received this error as well.

 Remote could not submit the message at the serverNetwork problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer.
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Have found this sometimes even inside a network. We determined that the problem was caused by the machines looking for DNS records for the Exchange Server before they looked anywhere else. Found that if we put in a HOSTS and/or LMHOSTS file with entries for the Exchange Server, connections cleared up right away.
The VPN server may not be providing the right DNS/WINS server , so it may be good idea to check with the entry of the server in hosts file to check if that's the case

cadelongAuthor Commented:
Currently have found the problem to be SP2 for windows 2000. It is changing some items in the registry on how MTU size is negotiated that is messing it up over a slow connection through our vpn software. Will let you all know what I come up with on final solution.
John P JohnAdvisor ICTCommented:
cadelongAuthor Commented:
Helloooo johnpjohn...

Sorry for not posting back in awhile. Swamped, ya know.

Got a hotfix from microsoft on the issue and it fixes it. They are working on a Q article for it. They said they need to do more research since this is the first occurance of it happening. I checked out those two articles, but they don't quite match what was happening. Thank you for the ideas though. Once I get the Q article from MS I will try to remember to post it..

have you got a link to the hotfix??
cadelongAuthor Commented:
Never seen a Q article come out from MS on this. We use a product called Ispeed to solve the issue. It is from high mountain software.  www.hms.com I believe.
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