registry backup on NT and w2k and w2k server

Posted on 2001-08-07
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
How do I backup the registry on these three OSs?  There used to be a reg.dat and a user.dat, but I can't see these.

Also:  Is there a registry backup tool that I can use to do this on a regular basis?  I used to have one for 95, but don't know if it's still around.
Question by:kaldar
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Well the regsitry is house in the WINNT\System32\Config and these are the files


The Crazy One
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Now to you can't backup them directly because it will cause a sharing violation. So on way to do it is to go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Backup. Now when the backup opens it should open to the "Welcome" tab. From there click on the "Emergency Repair Disk" and then select the option "Also Backup the registry......". Make sure you have a emptied formatted floppy ready and then click OK.

The registry will be backed up to the C:\WINNT\repair\RegBack directory.
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Also if the system is FAT32 you could boot to a Win98 bootdisk floppy and run this command.

COPY /Y C:\WINNT\system32\config\*.* C:\ADirect\*.*

This "C:\ADirect\*.*" can be any directory of your choice.

If it is NTFS you can boot to the Win2000 CD ROM and do the same thing using the command line option.
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Also to restore a regestry backup you can do it the sameway as the previous comment but in reverse.

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Also on Win2k, you should back up the "System State Data" instead of just backing up the registry. System State backup will ensure on Win2k that when something dramatic happens, you can quickly roll back the OS itself to the previous working state. It also keeps track of all the dependencies (updated files after service pack install, for example). This is especially important for Win2k DCs.

You can use Backup (ntbackup.exe) to backup system state data.
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Kaldar, might I recommend that you purchase the latest version of Drive Image Pro from PowerQuest. This will allow you to image the entire drive and restore it at will. Each of the OS's mentioned require a full installation in order to recover/restore the backup. Restoring an image will take less than 20% of the total time expended otherwise.

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Well now if we are going to recommend backup software my suggestion would be Ghost. Here is a comparison made by PC Magizine between Ghost and Drive Image. :>)

rating of 4 out a possible 5
Disk Imaging - Norton Ghost 2001,2997,s%253D1475%2526a%253D1631,00.asp

rating of 3 out a possible 5
Disk Imaging - Drive Image 4.0,2997,s%253D1475%2526a%253D1630,00.asp

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NT: you can either use ntbackup or another backup tool, if you have supported tape devices attached or simply use rdisk.exe from a command line
rdisk: opens a GUI to update repair information and to create ERD (always update first and then create the ERD)
rdisk /s: same as above, but saves security and SAM also.
rdisk /s-: without GUI, only updates repair information (%systemroot%\repair). You can copy this to the network or to a floppy

W2k: use ntbackup (or another backup tool) to backup SystemStateData to a file.

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   Heres a quick one for W2k, etc not sure about 95 but works on 98 , Me, etc Just click start\run\regedit,  Make sure you minimise the explorer file so you only see the computer icon , click on registry tab and choose export, save it as whatever you want, wherever you want, floppy etc and off you go. Do this regularly and your covered.(Note: about the computer icon in the reg explorer if you have a reg key open you will only partially save the registry keys, not the whole registry)
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BTW this the command I use to restore the registry when needed.

COPY /Y C:\WINNT\repair\RegBack\*.* C:\WINNT\system32\config\*.*

This has to be done outside of windows either using a Win9x boot disk or if it is NTFS than come through it using the command option of the repair console.

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Start - Run - type "regedit"

now u can see the Registry-Editor

choose Menu File - export registry file

if u use your backup do the soma steps but choose in the file menu import registry file

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Hi Kaldar,

Run Windows NT's built in tape backup program and select the Backup Local Registry check box in the Backup Information dialog. NTBackup can not back up or restore the registry of a remote computer - only the local system.

Rdisk copies critical portions of these files for recovery purposes to %systemroot%\repair. Rdisk must be run with the /s parameter to include security and sam data. On the Repair Disk Utility screen be sure to click on the Update Repair InfoCreate Repair Disk or again you will have a repair disk without current security and sam data.

regback and regrest
The NT Resource Kit utilites, regback and regrest, can be used to backup and restore the hive files for hkey_local_machine or hkey_current_user.



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This is what I wanted to do.  thanks.
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Hmmm yeah okay <G>

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