Windows 2000 Professional Edition

I have purchased Windows 2000 Professional Edition. Do I have to uninstall Windows 98 or can I just Install windows 2000 over Windows 98? Is there a service pack for Windows 2000.
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davids8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1. It is best to install WIN2K "clean"  That is NOT over WIN98.  You can install as a DUAL BOOT system - that is you will have the option to run either WIN 98 or WIN2K.  During the installation WIN2K will give you this option if you have WIN98 already installed.
2. There have been 2 service packs for WIN2K I.E. SP1 and SP2.  Youcan Dl them from the MS web site.  Or if you have installed WIN2K the go to the WINDOWS UPDATE site.
Anthony MolinaIT TECHNICIAN / CONSULTANTCommented:
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Anthony MolinaIT TECHNICIAN / CONSULTANTCommented:
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