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is there any way in windows 2000 to have the focus change automatically to what ever window the mouse is in at the time, like in LINUX?

Andrew Renwick
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Go to start|control panel|mouse, buttons tab,(files and folders)select the "single click to open an item(point to select)" button. You'll see a hand like in IE instead of an arrow when selecting files.

arenwickAuthor Commented:
thanks petemcc but i think you miss understand what im after. i want the window to change focus not just the file.

I used to have the focus problem at work but I do not have it at home (Home SP2). (At work I used a NVidia chipset and SP1.)  So it could also be video related.
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arenwickAuthor Commented:
i had better clarify a little more.
what im after is for whatever window the mouse is currently over to become the active window. ie a window gains focus when the mouse enters it and looses focus when the mouse exits.

sorry for the confusion.
X-Mouse is probably what you are asking about. If you don't have Tweak download it thourgh this link.


Now open Tweak and click on the tab labeled "Mouse" and look near the bottom of that window for "Activation follows mouse (X-Mouse)".

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I think I know what you are saying here- but it is not happening in w2K. You have to click at least once on the window that you want to have the focus.  The window layering isn't much better. . .
Here is a little article about x-mouse from ZDNet,5594,2684581-3,00.html
arenwickAuthor Commented:
thanks CrazyOne that is just what i was looking for.
Your are quite welcome and glad I could help. :>)
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