Int. Explorer Ratings.Pol not functioning properly

While cleaning up the hard drive that the children almost completely filled, I must have deleted a file
necessary for Internet Explorer to run without reseting the content advisor each time.

I went to the (ha ha) MS site for help.  I renamed the ratings.pol folder to .old per their instructions.
 It will not hold the changes that I make.  Each time I have to go to tools and reset everything.

Great way to keep the kids off the internet on this machine, but hard on the husband who is used to
just sitting down and clicking the "e".

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Points reduced to 0 and placed in PAQ.

Thank you
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Close out of IE one more time and delete the ratings.pol again - then go to Start  |  run  and type
Now go to  File  |  export to back up your registry
Next find this key:
Right click on it and select delete.
Now reboot and then test to see if content works.

Go into the options, on the Gebneral tab, chooose "users can see sites that have no rating"

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wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
Under Internet Options in the General Tab, that is not an option for me to choose.

When I go into regedit and delete the ratings key it will not hold on to that command when I reboot or even close explorer and try to get back in.

Could this be a virus?  I have run Norton several times and not found anything.

Also look under hkey_current_user -- did you enable different users on your computer?
Credit:  John Clifford Hole [MVP] [of Enfield,Middlesex,UK]

1)  Go to Start/Run type in Regedit. select OK, this will open the editor.

2)  Select Edit/Find, type in the word Ratings make sure that all 3 boxes under "look in" are checked. Now select  Find Next. The search could take a couple of minutes.

3)  Now you should see an open folder, in the left Window, named  Ratings.In the right Window you should see the word  KEY  with a string of numbers behind it. Right Click on the word KEY and select  Delete  from the pop up
menu there. Now exit the Registry Editor.

3a) If the search for Ratings doesn't find the Ratings Value, then try to go to it's location manually. Navigate down to the following Key.


4)  Next, Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, locate the file RATINGS.POL and delete it. (THis is a hidden file, so you may need to select
the option to "Show all files" in order to see it)

*Reboot the system.*

5)  Now open Internet Explorer (don't log on) Go to View/Options/Security Tab (in IE4 this will be: View/Internet Options/Content) Click on the button
that say's "Disable Ratings" (This button may say "Enable Ratings", Either way, click on it) Next enter a Password in the top box and re-enter it in the bottom box, click on OK.

6)  You will now get a message saying "Content Advisor has been turned on",select OK. Now select Disable Ratings, it will prompt you for the password that you just entered, enter the password and select Disable Ratings. You
will get another dialog box that say's "Content Advisor has been turned

Lets wait on reghkr on this one - I am sure he will have more ideas :)

You stated ratings.pol folder. There is no ratings.pol folder, it's a file as detailed by shekerra's comment.

This is my standard reply to this problem, it's just a simplified method as detailed by shekerra. She should be awarded the points if it works.

 Go To Start>Run, type regedit.
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Ratings
and delete the Ratings key.
You navigate through the registry very similar to Explorer, when you click a key, the key expands, then keep expanding until you hit the Ratings key. Right-click on it and choose delete. Choose Yes to confirm.
You'll also need to find a file called ratings.pol, which is a hidden file in c:\windows\system and delete it also.
To view hidden files open Explorer go to View>FolderOptions, click the View tab, and check Show All Files.

The only other thing I can think of is to open regedit and locate

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ExplorerIf there is an entry named NoSaveSettings with a value of 1, right-click on NoSaveSettings, choose modify and type in the number 0

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I believe you've been helped here, any news for the Experts who assisted you?  This may just have been overlooked.


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