write vb program to send mobile sms

how can i write vb program to send mobile sms?
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TimCotteeConnect With a Mentor Head of Software ServicesCommented:
Can I also add a couple of other possibilites:

http://www.geocities.com/TimCottee goto downloads and get the pager/sms application. This uses a modem to dial an SMS gateway number and send the message.


Send an email to the address where +CC is country code, AAA is area code and NNNN is the phone number. This will be converted to sms and sent to the phone. There is a limited number of free attempts and then you need to set up an account if this is a regular thing. However their pricing is very cheap so if you have a bulk requirement this is definitely worth a look.

This is a popular question appearing on this site.

check out any online services which offer any solution to send SMS via emails. check out these links


Also u can use a SMS gateway for SMS. check out following link. they have a trial version.


or u can develop your own Gateway in VB here is a sample tutorial. hope this will help


Tutorial: Sending SMS Messages from Terminal Devices
Aug 08, 2000
Al Pritchard, Sr. Mobile Application Developer, Satama

Sending an SMS text message to a cellular phone from a terminal device is a simple affair, as the following
code fragments demonstrate. The phone used in this example is a Nokia 7100 series, and the ME (mobile
equipment) is linked to the computer via communications port #1.
Also note that the Ctrl-Z necessary for terminating the text entry sent to the mobile device is copied
from the terminal session and then added to the code.

To send an SMS text message to a Nokia phone with Visual Basic:

    ' Set up the communications port
    MSComm1.CommPort = 1 ' Com Port 1

    ' Set for 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data, and 1 stop bit.
    MSComm1.Settings = "9600,N,8,1"

    ' Tell the control to read entire buffer when Input is used
    MSComm1.InputLen = 0

    ' Open the port
    MSComm1.PortOpen = True

    ' Send an 'AT' command to the phone
    MSComm1.Output = "AT" & Chr$(13) & Chr(10)
    ' The phone will respond with an 'OK'

    ' Set up the phone for a text message
    MSComm1.Output = "AT+CMGF=1" & Chr$(13) & Chr(10)
    ' The phone will respond with an 'OK'

    ' Prep for SMS, give destination type and destination address.
    ' Enter the destination type and destination address to prep for SMS
    ' e.g. AT+CMGS="+2145551212",129
    MSComm1.Output = "AT+CMGS= " & Chr(34) & "+2145551212" & Chr(34) & ",129" & Chr$(13) & Chr(10)

    ' The phone will return a'>' prompt, and await entry of the SMS message text.

    ' Now send the text to the phone and terminate with (Ctrl-Z)
    MSComm1.Output = "This is a test. WOW! "
    ' The phone will respond with a conformation containing the 'message reference number' eg. +CMGS:

    ' Close the port
    MSComm1.PortOpen = False
From a terminal, it would look like this:

    >This is a test. WOW!
    +CMGS: 49

For more information on sending SMS text messages, review the GSM 07.05 white paper that's at available
from the ETSI Web site. For information on Nokia specific options for SMS and 'Smart Messaging,' go
to http://www.forum.nokia.com/ and log in to the Smart Messaging forum.
Ryan ChongCommented:
<listening ..>
Free Tool: Path Explorer

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One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

aftAuthor Commented:
i want to send sms by a vb program without any mobile attached to the computer as in the case of ICQ chatting program

You will figure out that you just need to send email from your VB app to the appropriate email address (@icqsms.com).

HOWTO: How to Send/Receive E-Mail Messages with Visual Basic
aftAuthor Commented:
i do not want to send via icq i want to have my private way
aftAuthor Commented:
even i tried to an sms using icq as an email to +2105012524 using a hotmail account but it did not sent and an error message sent to me
There are three ways for sending SMS from computer (at least I'm aware of three):
1) with GSM phone connected to PC (as shahzad73 said)
2) using modem to dial to an SMS gateway number (as TimCottee said)
3) using email server from "mobile service provider" (as TimCottee and I said)

You don't want first two, so I'll explain 3rd.

Most SP's (service providers - telephone companies) offer email server as a gateway between email and SMS for mobile phone. You could send sms to me sending email to "123456@simobil.net" (if my phone number would be +386 40 123456).
To directly send email (sms) to anyone in the world, you would need to know every SP's email server. This is VERY impractical and that's why there are some "universal" mail gateways (like icqsms.com, esms.nu, ... are). Some are free (icqsms.com), others arent.
If you are writing program for yourself for sending SMS's just for your country, it would be acceptable to get list of servers for all SP's and send email to appropriate server) (in my country there are only 2 SP's, so I need to use only 2 different email servers). For world-wide sms sending, you definitelly "must" use some public gateway.

I'll look for some other "gateways", but I guess most of them are not free.

Actually... type "SMS gateway" into Google (www.google.com) and browse between them yourself. You'll decide how much are you willing to pay for service. You can also search for "free sms gateway", but will find out that some of them "suspended their free service".

aftAuthor Commented:
no one have an answer to my question?
> i do not want to send via icq i want to have my private way

> no one have an answer to my question?

Your private way - what do you have in mind (in regard to 3 possibilities I posted before)? There is not 4th way. You have to choose one and decide best way of using it. If you found @icqsms unreliable, look for other similar services, but I cannot decide for you which one to use - you know how much you are willing to pay for quality of service.

aftAuthor Commented:
ok i will choose @icqsms but when send email to mynumber@icqsms from hotmail a mail sent to me that there is an error and no sms sent to my mobile
In my case icqsms doesn't work either (did worked, but looks like they broke something).
I suggested you to look for other free gateways... do I really have to do everything for you? Just do a search on google.
aftAuthor Commented:
if i do search with google why ask her and pay money "points"
aftAuthor Commented:
can any one tell me a free gateways?
aftAuthor Commented:
what do u mean by gateway?
In this case:
email servers that act like a bridge between Internet Email system and GSM SMS system
or more specific for this context: email servers that offer such "bridging" for many GSM service providers.

One of such is icqsms...

Regarding your comment:
> if i do search with google why ask her and pay money "points"

Did we answered to your question
> how can i write vb program to send mobile sms?

We told you there a three possibilities, of which one if using email. You probably do know how to send email using VB (otherwise just ask). Where to send... that's another story. Free services are usually "treasure" - something that is not so easy to find. You could also never know when one will stop operating.

aftAuthor Commented:
i know how to send email but thge problem is
icqsms not working even i send email to my mobile from my hotmail regardless of visual basic
aftAuthor Commented:
no one want to help me
i want to send sms to a mobile phone via email address
Ryan ChongCommented:
Here is the Nokia SDK to send sms from mobile:

aftAuthor Commented:
no i want to send sms to mobile but not from a mobile but through email address
like <mobile_number@icqsms.com>
TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
aft, I gave you a similar solution way back. However none of these are going to be entirely free in the long run.
aftAuthor Commented:
but ur old solution did not work
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