Adding ActX component to Delphi code editor possible?

Is it possible to add an ActiveX component to the source code editor of Delphi? (I use version 4 Client/Server)

Background: I'm trying to make Delphi accessible with Speech Recognition software, because I have RSI.
I'm not an experienced Delphi Programmer, but would like to learn more. The typing/mousing is a proplem, though.
In order to optimize the code editor for my speechrecognition program I need to add an activeX component from the speech SDK to the editor screen.

I know that part of the source code of Delphi is available, but I doubt it's possible to recompile the editor...

Thank you for your time.

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PashaModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Per recommendation,

Community Support Moderator @Experts Exchange
Are you wanting to install an ActiveX component to the pallet so that you can then add it to your form?

Yes this is possible.

1. Select COMPONENT | IMPORT ACTIVE X CONTROL from the main menu of Delphi
2. Click on the component you want to install from the list that appears.
3. Click the INSTALL Button
5. Create A file name for your package (Fname.dpk)
You should see the new component in your component pallet under ActiveX.

From there you just drop it on your form and do whatever programmin is necessary to get the results you want.

Concurr with GEM. If you are asking to have the component available to the Delphi IDE as a component then GEM's comment is the way to do it.

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JanDraakAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the comments.
No, the idea is to actually add a component to the editor ittself. Not to use in a new application but to add a functionality to the code editor. Reprogramming (adding to) Delphi itsself. Probably impossible, but I thought I'd ask the experts...
I'm out. ;]
Oh ok I think I see what you are aksing. You want to be able to talk to Delphi and have the component write out the code as you speak. Hmm sorry but I don't know how to do that. :>)
 i hear that DragonDictate and Dragon NaturallySpeaking work in delphi and other ide environments.
(ie you dont need to install anything just works same as it would in msword for instance)
JanDraakAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn't have Select & Say functionality in the code editor. I can dictate in the editor and use commands, but not select "words of my choice". This severely limits the usability.
I can't seem to enable Select & Say through known tricks, that's why I came up with the idea to use the NatSpeak SDK to enable the editor window for Select & Say. But before I investigate further I'd like to know whether it is possible to actually change the Delphi code editor by including a new ActiveX component.
i cant think of a way to add an activex into the ide like that but for this "select and say" you may be able to get somewhere using the opentools api,im really not sure would be difficult at least.
i should mentino in case you dont know the opentools api are where you can add features/menuitems /get notified of events etc so you can do your own stuff in delphis make a comment expert,shortcuts,code snippet repositorys etc.

probably the best example of this is GExperts @ :
which is a large collection of tools/functions using the opentools ,they with full sources if you want to look that way.
really worth installing even if no use for this particular problem.

Regards Barry
JanDraakAuthor Commented:
Barry, Thank you for the tip. Actually I did try to find out if this would work, but I don't see how I can use the toolsApi for this purpose. I need to register the speech activeX component at the OnCreate of the form...
Like I said, it probably isn't possible, but I don't know enough about Delphi to give up without having asked around.
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