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How would I compare two strings similar to the 'strcmp' function in 'C'.  Code please
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TimCotteeConnect With a Mentor Head of Software ServicesCommented:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
  Msgbox Difference("MyString","mystring")
End Sub

Private Function Difference(ByVal String1 As String,ByVal String2 As String) As String
  Dim strMessage As String
  Dim intPos As Integer
  If Len(String1) <> Len(String2) Then
    Difference = "The strings are of different lengths"
    Exit Function
  End If
  For intPos = 1 To Len(String1)
    If Mid(String1,intPos,1) <> Mid(String2,intPos,1) Then
      strMessage = strMessage & "Position " & CStr(intPos) & " : " & Mid(String1,intPos,1) & " <> " & Mid(String2,intPos,1) & vbLF
    End If
  Difference = strMessage
End Function
TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Using the strcomp function in VB:

Returns a Variant (Integer) indicating the result of astring comparison.


StrComp(string1, string2[, compare])

The StrComp function syntax has thesenamed arguments:

Part Description
string1 Required. Any validstring expression.
string2 Required. Any valid string expression.
compare Optional. Specifies the type of string comparison. If the compareargument isNull, an error occurs. If compare is omitted, the Option Compare setting determines the type of comparison.


The compare argument settings are:

Constant Value Description
vbUseCompareOption -1 Performs a comparison using the setting of the Option Compare statement.
vbBinaryCompare 0 Performs a binary comparison.
vbTextCompare 1 Performs a textual comparison.
vbDatabaseCompare 2 Microsoft Access only. Performs a comparison based on information in your database.

Return Values

The StrComp function has the following return values:

If StrComp returns
string1 is less than string2 -1
string1 is equal to string2 0
string1 is greater than string2 1
string1 or string2 is Null Null


Private Sub Command1_Click()
If Trim("Text1") = Trim("Text2") Then
    MsgBox "Same"
    MsgBox "Not Same"
End If
End Sub
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Try strComp

This example uses the StrComp function to return the results of a string comparison. If the third argument is 1, a textual comparison is performed; if the third argument is 0 or omitted, a binary comparison is performed.

Dim MyStr1, MyStr2, MyComp
MyStr1 = "ABCD": MyStr2 = "abcd"   ' Define variables.
MyComp = StrComp(MyStr1, MyStr2, 1)   ' Returns 0.
MyComp = StrComp(MyStr1, MyStr2, 0)   ' Returns -1.
MyComp = StrComp(MyStr2, MyStr1)   ' Returns 1.

The only thing I can think of would be to lcase the strings before comparison. Like:

if Lcase(strOne) > Lcase(StrTwo) Then
ff_axelAuthor Commented:
Sorry Folks, slight error in the way I asked the question.  What I'm looking for is the difference between two strings that get compared.  The strings I'm comparing are similar except for a few characters.  
Hi axel,

           Be clear before asking questions. Post exactly what u want.

so how would you want to see the result if the two strings were "ABCD" and "ABCE"?

I put it in an array:

Option Base 1
Private Sub Form_Load()
a = "ubre"
b = "uore"
l = Len(a)
Dim r$()
ReDim r(l)
For i = 1 To l
    If Mid$(a, i, 1) <> Mid$(b, i, 1) Then r(i) = Mid$(a, i, 1)
MsgBox r(2)
End Sub


>How would I compare two strings similar to the 'strcmp'
>function in 'C'.  Code please

*HOW* does the strcmp differ from StrComp? As I understand it, strcmp will return either zero (0), <0, or >0, depending upon whether the two strings are equal, the first one is less than the second (alphabetically), or the first is greater than the second (alphabetically).

Unless I'm missing something, StrComp does the very same thing.

-Dennis Borg
ff_axelAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the confusion.
Cheers, Axel
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