Startup command hangs up and there is no response from Oracle.

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I have installed Oracle 8.1.6 on Red Hat Linux 7.1. The installation has been successful and now I want to create database. The problem it is giving me is that the startup command hangs and there is no repsonse from the server.
Well, I think that Oracle is not getting enough hardware resources because when I run $svrmgrl, it gives me an "end-of-file" error and then logs into svrmgr. But after that when I try to startup Oracle, it hangs even when I tried startup nomount.
I have 192 MB RAM in Linux server. When the Linux was fresh and there was nothing installed except Linux server, it was showing 90 MB RAM used. When I installed Oracle, the usage went to 178 MB even when Oracle server is shutdown. It seems to me that Oracle is not getting enough RAM that's why the server is not starting. Interestingly, the usage of SWAP is just 2%. It seems to me that Linux is unable to use SWAP and that's why it is using more of the RAM.
Well, that's what I have found out. Please give your comments about the problem. Is it related with Linux only or am I required to do something with Oracle also?
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venkajiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oracle in not certified for the RedHat 7.1.Oracle8i is certified for RedHat 6.1/6.2.
If you are specific about 7.1 release use SuSE Linux 7.1 with Oracle 9i.
Oracle 9i Release 1 (9.0.1) is certified on SuSe 7.1, Kernel 2.4.4 and the operating system library glibc 2.2

128 MB RAM is enough for Oracle 8i, where as Oracle 9i requires minimum of 512 MB RAM.

Oracle need install on Linux 6.2.
7.1 not supported yet.

otnxmemAuthor Commented:
Thanks Venkaji for the valuable information. I am rejecting your answer for a while so that it is open for other experts for further comments. Well, I'll definitely give you points, please wait for some days.
Other experts are also requested to give their comments.
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I have just installed Oracle 8.1.6 on Red Hat Linux 7.1 .
Everything is normal.Ram in my computer is 256M.But I think 128m ram is enough.
The problem you met is about th version of  glibc.
For oracle 8.1.6 on red hat linux 7.1 ,you should use
glibc 2.1.3,not higher version.The point is not mentioned in the document fo oracle.Please check your version of glibc.
otnxmemAuthor Commented:
Thanks yo_hou for that information. It will be very kind of you if you can tell me from where can I get the exact version of glibc.
You can download the version of glibc from the URL( hope it's helpful.
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