Posted on 2001-08-08
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I was trying to install the domino.doc on the i got the error while signing the domdoc\ddadmin.nsf
that "you are not authoized to do this operation"
any comment would be greatly appreciated.

Question by:shrihalbe

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Look to the ACL of the database probably you dont have enough access to the database


Author Comment

ID: 6368218
now i got rid of it. i want to know the exact use of the domino.doc. where we can use this type of product in the liotus notes environment? how to store the lotus notes document in the domino .doc

Accepted Solution

RonaldS earned 30 total points
ID: 6412698
You can use it as an document management system. It is designed to store all kinds of documents (Word,Excel, etc.) in a logical place. So all docs on Project X in one place, all projects on Project Y in another place.

What really is different from 'standard Notes' is that (Word, Excel, you name it)documents are protected. To edit a document, you have to 'check it out'. While it is checked out to you, no one else is able to edit it. This is to make sure that no several versions of the same document exists. The documents have a status (draft or version) and a version number.

The created document can follow a 'approval cycle', which you can design. So person 1 creates the document, hands it over to person 2, and she approves it, etc.

Access rights can be set on all documents.

And of course you can use all your Notes development skills to create new applications, using an API.

It turned out to be a long answer, but I hope it is a useful one!
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ID: 6413654
Hello Ronald,
 that helped me lot can you tell me some information of the binders and fielcabinet,docuemnts. how can i create the the docuemnts in the domino.doc. is there any information on this product so that i can go thr.


Expert Comment

ID: 6413692

you can organize the whole thing using the following analogy:

1 Library, containing
X Rooms, wich contain
X FileCabinets, which contain
X Categories, which contain
X Documents.

It's best to read the documentation databases, and check the site:


Author Comment

ID: 6413721
Hello ronald
i have downloded the red book from the site but i cannot understant where to start. so could you guide me ?


Author Comment

ID: 6414049
Hello Ronald,
 that helped me lot can you tell me some information of the binders and fielcabinet,docuemnts. how can i create the the docuemnts in the domino.doc. is there any information on this product so that i can go thr.


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