Delphi6 Personal Edition

i just downloaded delphi6 personal edition form borland site and installed on a system with delphi5 on and when rebooted and ran i had no components at all.

from the install packages menu ive installed the .bpls from /bin dir and got the components back but im wondering if i have them all or not as 2 of the .bpl's didnt/wont install.

"Borland Delphi CoreIDE Package"    from delphiIDE60.bpl
"Integrated Development Specific Components"  from vclIde60.bpl

can someone give me a list of what component tabs i should have so
i can check i have all .

I gather there is nothing at all for db stuff..

cheers Barry

i never expected the cpu components tab ,does everyone else have it?
i cant use them as i dont have a Discomp.dcu
these are the components the cpu tab has:

the tabs i currently have are:

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GwenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh... other than the CPU tab you have all the ones I do :-)

Hey! :-(
I don't have the CPU components tab
sniff :'(

I wonder if they have put up a slightly different version
than the one I downloaded... It took me 9hrs... whew
inthe asking, who will answer then:)

I got CPU tab in Delphi 5 when I install all the package manually.
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Hi Motaz :-)
  I made a CD of the uncompressed D6P download... and it autostarted and installed automatically... Maybe that's why I have no CPU tab...hmmm  Maybe I should try it again manually.
Here is what is contained in my D6 professional, if you look at "components -> configure palette". Well, it's in German, hopefully it will help nevertheless:

Standard, Zusatzlich, Common Controls, Win32, System, Datenzugriff, Datensteuerung, dbExpress, BDE, ADO, Interbase, Internet, FastNet, QReport, Dialoge, Win 3.1, Beispiele, COM+

The tabs "Common Controls", "dbExpress" and "FastNet" are not visible as tabs, don't know why.

Regards, Madshi.
hi madshi, hi all.

say, mad - do you run it parallel to d5?


Hi BlackDeath, nice to see you once again...  :-)  I run D4, D5 and D6 parallel, all professional version.

Regards, Madshi.
listening - I just downloaded the Delphi 6 Personal Edition and had no time to install it, maybe it's better to wait until someone solves inthe's problem :-)
intheAuthor Commented:
the initial problem seems to have been a messed up registry after reverting to reg from a few days ago and reinstalled it worked fine.
actually madshi's components were the only ones that showed up originally and i hadnt even installed them into d6 they were just there, i guess that was cause you put them in registry in the right place .. gwena has gave what i needed.i found out that the cpu components are used internally so no use to me anyway and it seems i have all the rest of this editions comps.
looks like i have to get pro version ,as i could do with the dbexpress and ado stuff.

(hello stranger from these parts ;-)
if you were wondering ,the different versions run fine in parallell.only annoying prob is the jit message on starting them,about would i like to change the debugger to blah as its currently set to blahblah.
heh like im gonna say no ?
you won't would u <G>

can't u get rid of it?

i dunno, mayb via registry?

there's a setting for borland/debugging/5.0/jit debuggers
and under clsid section for bordbk50.dll as inprocserver
and an entry for ijit attach debugger

and so on.

i've never fumbled around w/ this, but mayb you can modify this in any way, dunno.

just an idea.

apparently quite stupido, eh?


anyway, have a nice day, guys & c ya,

My packages install into D4-6 automatically, regardless of whether the specific Delphi versions are installed or not. Maybe that is the reason for your problems, Barry? Maybe D6 doesn't install itself correctly, if the package registry key is already existing before D6 installation? Hmmm...   :-(   I'll have to check that out... It would be no good D6 installation routine, IMHO...

Regards, Madshi.
intheAuthor Commented:
>>>reason for your problems

i doubt it,but i can test by installing d6 on my laptop on which your d6 ones arent yet installed <shame on me though winobj is still there ;->

>> package registry key is already existing before D6 installation

my thoughts exactly so im not sure for this test though should i install your comps first or afterwards?
Hi Inthe :-)

 WoW!  me getting points answering a Q for inthe...who whoulda thought it possible :-)
>> my thoughts exactly so im not sure for this test though should i install your comps first or afterwards?

I would say: Install D6 first, then my comps, if D6 then has all packages, it's probably my fault...   :-(
intheAuthor Commented:
i did it that way and it worked fine.
can test the other way (yours first then d6)and let you know next week
gotta say some: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmgh....... WHY YOU PEOPLE ALWAYS USE /PERSONAL/ stuff? why don't you use ENTERPRISE or at least Professional? but not Personal. Personal is free. and you can't use the Upgrade Packs either.
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