Ok, here's a strange one!

Ok, this one is baffling me. I've got 2 computers here at home and they are both on a network.  I've got a router and a hub [which doesn't factor in really but I thought I'd just throw that in for good measure].

The computer I'm using now is semi-new, maybe a year old.  The other computer USED to be my main computer but I gave it to my wife ... it's a few years old.

Both machine are running Windows98.  We have file and print sharing activated on the network.  My machine name is "John" and her's is "Jane" [names changed to protect the innocent].

Now, what's happening here is that my Internet Explorer [version 5.5] is caching to both my local machine AND hers!!!  I even changed the cache path to something different on my local machine and it is STILL writing to her machine.

However, there *IS* a share setup on her machine that does allow access to the path where it is caching ... but that shouldn't matter.  Removing that share is out of the question.

I probed my machine rigorously and could not detect a rogue process running.  I check all the system files, win.ini. system.ini, I even looked in the registry under windows\CurrentVersion and there wasn't a "load" or "run" application defined there.

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vinnyd79Connect With a Mentor Commented:

are you checking the cache from the share on your pc by any chance?Have you checked the cache
from your machine,then physically walked over to the other machine and checked the cache? The
cache actually consists of hidden folders that cannot be viewed from the windows gui.Instead you just
see links to the files that are in the hidden folders.If you check from a share on your system,it is actually
looking in the hidden folders in your cache,not the cache on the other machine.  
i'm sorry that i can't realy help you

but try this maybe:
1. remove and reinstall ie 5.5
2. change the drive name
3. try reinstall all the network(remove and configuret all over again)
4. check with onother cable and the cable

Good Luck
Asta CuCommented:
There was a serious cache problem on prior release of IE 5.5; if you haven't yet upgraded to install service patch 2, recommend that highly.  Here's the link:


Good luck,
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Asta CuCommented:
This provides you detail of bugs fixed in this release, if you haven't already applied service patch 1, there is an even larger list of fixes there.  However, if you download sp2, it'll include all the prior bug fixes.

Asta CuCommented:
Here's the detail on IE 5.5 with SP1 and fixes, note bugs fixed here as well on cache problems:


SirCalebAuthor Commented:
Installed Service Pack 2, still caching on other machine.
SirCalebAuthor Commented:
Not physically, I will check it out.
I would use tweakUI and the IE advanced options to clean the cache as soon as IE is shut down and at reboot.


I hope this helps !
SirCalebAuthor Commented:
Well, sure enough, even though I was looking at somebody elses share, it was viewing my own local folder ... that is nuts!  Thanks for the answer!
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