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When I start my computer, at the end of loading, I get a screen that says HRC START 08/08/01, todays date. That is propably a program that starts, but I cannot find it. anyone has ideas ?

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CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a free utility that list all programs that run at startup. Use is to systematically identify which application may be doing this by taking a program out of the startup and reboot windows until you find the clulprit.


Hi kahlean

The Crazy One

A little more info please.

Go to Start/Run and type in msconfig(win98) and let us know what programs are listed as starting up on the tab called Startup.

PC specs, OS & installed programs would also be nice
maybe of some virus infection here. Download f-prot antivrus from and check it out.

The second thing to check is to open the autoexec.bat file from the root of the hdd (usually c:) You ca nedit the file using notepad. Seee if there is any line that indicate that this line is laoded, place a rem in front of the line

Or you can run msconfig and see if from there as well

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hi crazyone!
Might be something that precedes windows - check config.sys and autoexec.bat (or post them here is you like).

If you weren't aroudn in the days of DOS, these files are in the c:\ directory, and run programs and stuff much like the StartUp directory in Windows, only before Windows loads.
And in the win.ini file under load= or run=, and the Start>Programs>Startup folder also.

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