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servlets -> native code


We have implemented some servlet-based applications. We wish to convert these servlets into native-code. I ahve two questions:

1. can we convert servlets into native code and then use native code as we use servlets?
2. if so, how to convert servlets into native code (i mean how to compile them into object code for this purpose)?

Following are more details on the specifications:

a. we are hosting these servlets on TomCat. So it is OK if the answers/comments work for Tomcat alone.
b. our servlets interact with native code dll written in C++ (I mean we are using JNI technology).
c. The JNI in turn opens sockets to a server program running. This server program may or may not be running on the same system.
d. these servlets spit client-side programs. Thus these servlets are referred in the application URLs.
e. in one of the applications, we are using JDBC connections. It is OK if the solution works for servlets that do not contact JDBC. I do not know how much this point is of relevance, thought you should be aware.

Please let me know if you need more details.

1 Solution
> 1. can we servlets in native code?

No. Servlets are a Java concept.

> 2. if so, how to convert them?

You don't.

Of course you can convert your servlets to native code, but they will cease to be servlets and you will need to use a different method (eg cgi) to integrate them with your web server.

Sorry to say like this. What makes u think that u can convert Servlets to native code. U can use ASP or any CGI mechanism if u don't want to use java and be deprived of its advantages......

Servlets is very much a java technology and u have to write Servlets in JAVA only.

raghuraniAuthor Commented:
Raghu k n,

good morning, and welcome to the world of experts!

1. you are not supposed to propose any answer.
   this will move the question from 'awaiting answer' cart.
   please go through guidelines on how to use this site.

2. thanks for your suggestion, rather, proposed answer ;)
   I am rejecting it as I do not find any trace of
   answer in your statements. I have been programming in
   web-technologies for almost three years... I know
   what it takes to come up with a product. I have already
   written some applications (started with it a year back)
   and now we are at release 3.0. I selected Java when I
   was a porject leader... We wish to increase performance
   of our products. That is why I asked this question...

Thanks a lot to 'objects' for good comments. Wish I could get more details. Any pointers... any doc... should do.

thanks :)

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raghuraniAuthor Commented:
'objects' I am working on your inputs.. thanks buddy :)
no worries.
Let me know if u have any questions.
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raghuraniAuthor Commented:

please accept my sincere apologies for keeping this question open. thanks a lot for your answer :-)

No worries :-)

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