I am looking for any kind of information on API-Hooking. I think I know how to inject code. Actually I believe Windows-Hooks to be the most sensible approach (correct me if I'm wrong). However, yet I don't know where to go from here. I can intercept window messages but I need APIs.
It would be great if anyone could provide some simple example as far as that is possible.
Suggestions regarding web sites or even books would be nice ,too.
Since I use Visual C++ I would appreciate according examples most. No clue about delphi, sorry.
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MadshiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi guys...

Thanx, mite51 again for recommending my stuff...   :-)

Hi jhance, I've also read Jeff Richter's book, but IMHO the most important (because it is the best) API hooking method isn't even mentioned there!! It's the method that Detours is using (see jkr's link) and also the method (in slightly extended form) that my own API hooking package uses.

>> I believe Windows-Hooks to be the most sensible approach

As jkr already said, you can use Windows hooks only to inject your stuff into GUI processes. The better way is to use CreateRemoteThread - BTW, *this* is covered in Jeff Richter's book...  :-)  Normally CreateRemoteThread is available in NT only, but if you're using my package, CreateRemoteThread is also running perfectly fine in win9x based systems...

Here are some links, the documentation about my packages is for the Delphi version of my stuff. But the difference to the C++ version of my package is not very big.


Regards, Madshi.
The best treatment of this I've seen it in Jeffrey Richter's book, "Programming Applications for Windows", MS Press.  There is an entire chapter on this topic and it goes into great detail about which technique works best for a particular situation and version of Windows.
>>I believe Windows-Hooks to be the most sensible approach

It isn't, as hooks are only useful for GUI applications.

See http://research.microsoft.com/sn/detours/ 


"Detours is a library for instrumenting arbitrary Win32 functions on x86 machines. Detours intercepts Win32 functions by re-writing target function images."
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If you can get it working properly it is the best hook I have found. I had made my own using a similar approach but gave up after using his because I am sure I could not improve on it. I use it in conjunction with SetWindowsHook and can capture any API call not made explicitly by the kernel.

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