Netmeeting with checkpoint VPN

I have Checkpoint VPN with IP Nat pool and i want to configure netmeeting for VPN clients.
When i configure netmeeting, the clients tries to connect to real ip address rather that its nated IP address.
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chris_calabreseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've never worked with this particular issue, nor have I ever debugged CheckPoint Inspection code, so you're probably best off complaining to your VAR or whomever you get CP support from.
NetMeeting does not work with NAT because it places the real IP address into the client data packets.
e_s_maheshAuthor Commented:
Thats right but checkpoint says they have some code written in inspection language which solves this problem.
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OK, I hate to do this... but did you install/enable that code?
e_s_maheshAuthor Commented:
Yes and its not working.
I agree - checkpoint costs an arm and a leg - make them solve this one.

(Or you could dump checkpoint (a pile of crap IMO), and do the same things with linux (which *does* have a netmeeting proxy that costs about $50 [and works like a charm - even has a web gui to configure it]) - much cheaper than checkpoint, and infinitely more financailly scalable)


This is what checkpoint supports says on the matter;

Upgrade to VPN-1/FireWall-1 4.1 SP2.
See the version 4.1 SP2 release notes for instructions about editing to the $FWDIR/lib/user.def and for the creation of the required new H323 service

Hope it helps
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