How to record a NetMeeting Video Session???

hi...thank you very much for your help!

i have an online business seminar coming up. they're going to use NetMeeting for it. i'd like to record the session to playback later, but i don't think NetMeeting allows you to save a NetMeeting video session.

would anyone out there know how i can do this?

thank you! :))

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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There could be a large number of reasons why video is not working.

The following list is not conclusive.

Video drivers loaded after Netmeeting installed.
Colour palette receive computer not the same as the send computer.
Network cannot handle bandwidth required.
Firewall restrictions.
Outdated video display diriver.

And a link to Microsoft's comments

marylyn27Author Commented:
may i ask a follow-up question here? in using NetMeeting I can't receive video. Under "Tools" and then "Video" the "Receive" option isn't available. I do connect with my party and we're able to use the Chat function...but I can't see their video.

I use the latest version 3.02 (4.4.3396). I wonder if I should be using an earlier version? The reason I ask this is the latest version works with Windows 2000...but I still have 98. Could this be the trouble??

Thank you!!

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You should be using the latest version..  It could be possible that you do not have the video drivers on your machine and they do have them.  That is one possibility.  You probably need to check which video type they are transmitting and see if you can obtain the same as them.
marylyn27Author Commented:
hmmm..i wonder if this could be a cause...i installed a program called "SnagIt" that's supposed to capture the video from te session. i want to record parts of the session for play-back. i wonder if installing that might have caused this problem? the thing is, these programs must already have tested their compatibility with NetMeeting.

thank you to eveyone for your ongoing help...


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marylyn27Author Commented:
thank you so very much...i'd forgotten to award the points...

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