Help!!!Error:Oracle Management Server not working..

Hi all,
I am really got stuck..
I am trying to configure oracle management server on
windows 2000 professional edition.
I am using oracle 8.1.7 enterprise edition.
I have created the repository succesfully.
But I am unable to start the management server
I am getting:
"Could not start the oracleorahome81ManagementServer
service on local computer
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start
or control request in a timely fashion"

I have tried to start from the dos prompt, still it
I have checked the log file for it, there the error
msg is:

OEMCTRL for Windows NT: Version
Copyright (c) 1998, 2000, Oracle Corporation. All
rights reserved.
Starting the Oracle Management Server...
[main][2001-8-9:4:19:21:601] VdbSession.processError:
errorCode >12640<
[main][2001-8-9:4:19:21:601] VdbSession.processError:
errorMsg >ORA-12640: Authentication adapter
initialization failed

[main][2001-8-9:4:19:21:601] VdbSession.processError:
database connection error

VXA-2018 :
Unable to connect to OMS registry


Error starting Oracle Management Server.

thanks in advance
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It seems like your OMS could not connect to the Oracle database where the repository is located. It seems like you use an authentication method which your system is not supported (look at error message "Authentication adapter initialization failed"). Can you connect to the repository using another program (i.e. sqlplus)? Did you install Enterprise Manager together with Oracle Server or did you install it separately? In any case changing authentication method may give result.

Hi Ashish,

Sometimes the Error 1053 occurs, but the service still starts.  The ORA-12560 error is generated if the OracleServiceSID associated with the value of ORACLE_SID is not started or does not exist.  So I think you need to start by finding out what is going on with the service itself.

Try the userid/password you specify for the repository using SQL*Plus.  See if you are able to connect or you are getting any errors.

This could also be b'coz of a problem related with ORADIM.EXE in 8i if you have the ORA_SID_AUTOSTART set to TRUE in the registry.  You can test this by setting the ORA_SID_AUTOSTART = FALSE and then start the service and manually issue a database startup via server manager. If the service and database start without error you are running into this issue.

Try this and let me know what you find.


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Which home did u install ur Management server, install it to a completely diff home then Oracle Database. From the Management Server Home Create a connect string to the Oracle Database using Net8 of the Management Server Home, Lets see if it helps

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Comment the following line from sqlnet.ora and try again . First start with dos prompt with oemctrl command.


This may help

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