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Pentium 4 installation

I have recently purchased an Intel Pentium 4, 1.3 GB processor and an Intel D850GB motherboard.  After the installation, I couldn't get it to power up.  After studying the Quick Start guide provided by Intel, I realized my case had the wrong power supply.  I purchased a Pentium 4 power supply which features a 12V power connector for the processor and an auxilliary power connector which is also required for the P-4 (these are in addition to the standard ATX power connector).  Well it still won't power up.  I do have power to an additional fan for the case but the processor heat sink fan won't run and there is no power to the CD-ROM drive.  I may have ruined by board by starting the thing up with the original power supply.  Any ideas???
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>>do have power to an additional fan for the case but the processor heat sink fan won't run and there is no power to the CD-ROM drive

Now it seems that there is a problem with the new psu as the power cant get to the cdrom. Seems strange here as the poser connector is a seperate cable from the psu and has nothing to do with your mobo (if incase it is damage). Now connect the psu to the cdrom directly without any connection to the mobo and see if there is and volatge flowng to it.

Make sure that all connection is good especially the power connecotr and the connection is in the correct state. It is hard to detect if your mobo might be damage by the earlier psu here

you didn't say what type memory you have installed,,should be PC600 or PC800 Dual-channel RDRAM and should be set to Memory Voltage 2.5 V  the cpu fan not running prob dont mean much,,it prob has a temp sencer to control it but as kahlean pointed out the cddrive should have power and that leaves one to wonder if the Power supply is good,,I assume you tried diff connectors to this

Most power supplies have dual voltage input capabilities. Make sure the switch on the back of the power supply is set correctly for the voltage supplied where you are (110V. for US, 220V. for Europe).

Remove the motherboard from the case and set it up on a non-conductive material with just the bare essentials (CPU and heatsink, memory, and video card). See if it will power up then. If so, you have probably grounded the motherboard in a spot it should not be with a case standoff positioned incorrectly. I prefer to use the plastic style standoffs to avoid this potential problem.

Connect only the power connector and the momentary case switch to the motherboard. If you get any life, connect other wires starting with the case speaker. Add components one at a time and try booting until the problem is found. If everything works OK, put the motherboard back into the case, being sure to place the posts correctly.
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Also, reseat all components while out of the case. Motherboards have a way of flexing while the necessary pressure to insert components is applied. This may cause earlier installed items to unseat. When you install them while the board is on a flat surface, you minimize the possibility of this happening.

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That always true John.  It seems that people would be more active in getting a solution.  Could be embarrassed that solution was way too easy.

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Thanks for your help, Eric.

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