Both my Laptop and PC have Windows 2000, how do I connect them via the LAN

Hi there

Ive got a PCMCIA LAN network card for my laptop and
a PCI network card for my PC. Both cards are supported by Windows 2000.

Both machines have a different computer name and both machines have the same Workgroup name. However I still cant connect.

When I check 'My network places' to see which computers are near me. The only that comes up on my laptop is the
laptop computer and not my PC.

In the bottom right hand corner of both machines, I have a computer with a red X and it says 'Local area Connection Network Cable unplugged' but thats not true. I have both ends of the cable inside each network card slot or hole.

Anyone know how to fix this problem im having
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jimwassonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IF you are not using a hub or switch to connect the two computers then you need a cross-over cable.  You can either purchase or construct one.  A good explanation with diagrams is here:
Ben_itiAuthor Commented:
Hi jimwasson

Im using a '350mhz CAT 5 Enhanced Path Cord - 4 pair 24AWG CM E2005C'

Is that a cross-over cable?

Ben_itiAuthor Commented:

The link you mentioned above doesnt work.

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No - It must say crossover.
A straight CAT 5 is designed to work thru a HUB.

For connecting 2 computers directly, you need the equivalent of a null modem cable, the transmit and receive are crossed over so that it works OK, without a hub.

I hope this helps !
Pretty odd about the link.  Here's another one with good diagrams:  Your cable isn't a cross-over cable.  As SysExpert said above, you need the ethernet equivalent of a null modem cable for direct NIC to NIC connections.
The link don't work because you put a "." at the end, works fine.
Thanks anyalder.  I guess I thought that I should end a sentence but it breaks the link.  I'll have to remember that.
Yeah, you should get the points though as a solution to the problem rather than knowledge of EE's wierd behaviour with posting URLs is what's needed.
Ben_itiAuthor Commented:
That dickwond guy who sold me the cable told me that it would work. He obvious didnt have a crossover cable at the time and sold me the wrong type of cable. It has taken me over three months or more months to figure that Ive had the wrong cable because he told me that there was something wrong in my windows 2000 configuration which sent around in circles retrying and retrying. I feel like punching a wall. :-)

I'll be buying a crossover cable tommorow because ive been burning my information on CD and then using it in the laptop. Man!!! arggghhh!

Sweet as, Thanks guys.
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Thanks everyone.
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