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unstable t-bird.... bios help....

So, I bought a new a7v asus mobo, 1 ghz athlon chip, and put in 256 mb of pc 133 ram...

It isn't running stable.... and dont know why... after a lockup, it reset the bios' cpu and dram frequency to 100 mhz with a 7.5 multiplier.. it only runs at 750 mhz at that setting and in order to get 1000mhz out of it.. the cpu and dram have to be set at 133mhz.

sure it runs at 1000mhz but isn't stable.. and crashes during the simplest of copying small files...

can someone tell me what the deal is?  and why the settings have to be at 133mhz...

1 Solution
1. first of all, is ther any overclocking issue around here. I hope you did get the right cpu with the clock speed that you wanted.

2. Check out if your power supply provide ample of votlage to your mobo or not. It is recommended for a 300 WATT psu.

3. Check out if you have a defective memory. You cna get this software called docmem from .Run the software for about half a day and see if your memory can cope with the intense accessing environment.

4. Conflicting devices. Remove all devices from pci and ISA slot and just elave the AGP card intact.Boot up and see if the problem is still there.

5. Upgrade to the lastest driver.

For bios check out
For chipset check out

Check out from your graphic adapter manufacturer

Is the PC133 256mb Ram 1 chip or 2 seperate 128's?  If it is 2 seperate attempt to boot with just one in at first to see if you get a proper post.  If it is just a single 256 you will most likely have to do the simmtest :( lots of time for usually comes back as good ram.

The other thing is that the system can be getting too hot is there enough airflow, the fans plugged in right?

Make sure have all the latest drivers including the Promise Driver for this board as well

the BIOS should be dated 3/01/2001 and be Ver 1007.


Check that your power supply is on the AMD recommended list.  If it's not, try one that is.

You DO have a heatsink and fan on the CPU, don't you?  Assuming you do, did you use thermal paste or a thermal pad between the heatsink and CPU (paste is much better).

It might also be (as Kahlean suggested) that your CPU is not really a 1gHz chip.  The speed your CPU runs at is determined by two things - the FrontSide Bus speed (generally 66, 100 or 133 mHz) and the CPU multiplier (in your case, 7.5).  The CPU multiplier is hardwired into the CPU, but the FSB speed is set by the motherbaord.

So, your chip will run at 100mHz x 7.5 = 750, or at 133mHz x 7.5 = 1000 mHz.

Now, it is possible that you have (accidently, or otherwise) been sold a chip that is only rated to run at 750 mHz.  If you set the FSB to 133 to run it at 1000 mHz, you will be 'overclocking' it - running it faster than factory default - which makes it run much hotter, and makes it extremely prone to errors, crashes etc.

The info here should allow to to check the speed of your CPU using it's markings.

Unfortunatley this is not 100% reliable, as some people 'rebadge' CPUs by changing their markings.  Intel has a utility that will ID their chips, but I'm not aware of one for AMD.  You could try something like CPUID ( ), but I'm not sure if that reflects the inherant chip properties, or merely the way your system is configured (which won't help).

If you are really interested in overclocking there is a great deal of information available on the net - basically you need to get rid of all the extra heat, and sometime adjust the voltage for the CPU.
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I've had some similar problems with a similar rig.  It turned out that my board was supplying enough juice to the cpu.  Not a power supply issue, but a mobo defect.  I hate ASUS, go with ABit.  Also, the guys above have excellent ideas, try what they have suggested first before trying to rig your mobo or buy a new one.
ludikrisAuthor Commented:
well detailed in possibilities.... I definitely think your ideas will have solved my problem......  

i will let you know the outcome later.....chris
Ludikris - I appreciate the quick response, but there is no need to accept an Answer until your problem has been solved.

Try out the various suggestions, and let us know how it goes.  If you need more help, or if someone else's comment solves the problem, then we can get Customer Service to sort things out.

BTW, I forgot to add the link for the AMD recommendations earlier - here it is:

Community Support Moderator
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