cd player component

where can i find a cd player component, with the abbility to play from more than one cd-drive?
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PhrAtoRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here you'll find the complete delphi sources of a cdplayer

Hi Easysoft Studios,

I'm not sure you can play at the same time two CDs because if you try to to this you will receive mmsystem error from Windows. I'm talking about win98. I know you can play at the same time MIDI, WAV and CD audio, but two devices trying to get the same audio line, for example, is not possible. Of course, Im talking about my experience. I don't have right now any technical argument to support what I am saying.

Best regards,
Manuel Lopez (lopem)
easysoft_studiosAuthor Commented:
I don't want them to play at the same time, just the options of playing from eg. D: or E: (or maybe a 3th drive)
easysoft_studiosAuthor Commented:
pretty messed up code! Can you extract the part I need to "switch" drive??
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