Problem with my office install from dell

We recently purchased 25 computers from dell which came with microsoft office 2000 installed at the factory. When I run access as the admin everything works fine. However If I log in as anyone else , even as a user who I add to the admin group then when I run access the following happens. It open up access fine but when I go to open a database it tells me there is a registry error and closes access. Also whenever I try to use any program (again only whne not using the admin login) that uses an access file it will run the office installer...ideas
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dredgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes - i understand that.

1 of 2 things is happening:

1) you're users do not have proper permissions to run Office. if you're users are only listed as "guest" users, or not assigned to any group at all, then they won't be able to run it.

2) you have a corrupt, or improper installation of Office.

i assume you are smart enough to take care of #1 - which leaves #2. do a full reinstall.
re-install MS Office and do a FULL install - every single component that it includes.
Dredge is right...
mccainz2Author Commented:
forgive me but this is the blanketsolution every network admin and IMO gives a user when they really dont have an answer. Remember, under admin all works fine.
mccainz2Author Commented:
cleaning up.....

WE resolved the issue by removing the business tools from win2k install disk 2.

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