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I'm programmer and I work at a radio broadcasting software ( a mp3 scheduler software ) .
I need artists to make my GUI ( the interface of program ) .
Anybody can help me ?
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Why ?
ginsonicAuthor Commented:
Why ... I need help ?

Because I'm a good programmer but a disastrous designer . I'm sure that I can make the best alike software ( I have all knowledges to write this code and radio experience  - a was for couple years into a radio station ). And I wish for my project a very realistic interface to enter on top with it .

Why ... you can be interested to help me ?

It's a lot to  discusse .

1. You can help me from friendship :) - I don't think so .

2. You can help me because you are a very good designer and this can be a challange for you :) - It's an ideea .

3. For a negotiated charge . But I can pay just from the first sales, sorry .

4. You will receive a procent from sales ( partnership ) .

5. You will receive the right to distribute this software in your country ( ATTENTION - JUST IN YOUR COUNTRY ) and to keep the money . Alike software have prices between 400 - 10.000 $ . 400$ for the modest software and of course 10.000$ for the best .

For all cases you have the credits into about dialog and any documentation .
ginsonicAuthor Commented:
Hope to find an interesting solution or can negotiate a new one .

But I really need a GOOD designer.
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I see you have done this before from your PAQ's.  How did it work out the last time ?

You are correct in most of you points above.

Option 5 does sound promising however.

If you need my E-Mail address to send me any more information can you let me know.


This is not a place to find work. If you need artists jump on or some other such service and find someone willing to do the work. That kind of work isnt cheap either so expect to pay them well. No "good" artist is going to work for the options outlined above. Youre going to get what you pay for and "good" doesnt come cheap.
ginsonicAuthor Commented:
In past I have try to find a designer for GUI but don't success . Some guy told me that will help but no answer then .
If you are interested , I can send you a snapshout of my GUI ( made by me ) and to continue this topic in private .
BTW my email address is .

I'm a (very?) good programmer and have write untill now a lots of free stuff . In my opinion this is one of the reasons of internet .
But you have right . I know that isn't cheap and I try to pay this work in my limits ( I live in Eastern Europe ). And I always I keep my promise .
ginsonicAuthor Commented:
Me again,

Weed , in december last year I was contacted here on Ex-Ex by an american software company for a job :)

I'm good at designing GUIs and I'm interrested (I'll do it just to oppose to what weed said ;-).

Here are some screen shots of applications I've done in the past:

I might have more free time in the next four months, so it could be interresting for me.

You can send me more information at
ginsonicAuthor Commented:

lyonst, can I have your e-mail address ?

benhere check your e-mail
Hi again, sorry for the delay

I looked at what you sent me, and it looks like you are looking for a skin-designer more than a gui-designer.. and ehh, I'm bad at drawing ;-) Look at this image for a proof:

I'm more into designing and programming user-friendly GUIs using common controls, like text boxes, buttons, combo boxes, etc. And as a user, I appreciate when applications are designed using this kind of standardized approach. Just my opinion.

> Look at this image for a proof:        

Nice one's I would say !  : ))) You really have talent.
ginsonicAuthor Commented:
I create my own object . I hate the standard ones .
See my homepage
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