Serial write timeout?


I am trying to send data through the serial port. I'm not having any problems with that, but how can I detect when something goes wrong while writing data to it?

Currently I am writing data to it one byte at a time. If, during a large transmission, I disconnect the serial cable, my program just hangs on the write command. Is there any way to set up a timeout period for the write operation?

I am just using the standard write command with a file descriptor.

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I guess this relates to your problem as well...?

and look for:
while (STOP==FALSE) {     /* loop until we have a terminating condition */
dwagnerAuthor Commented:

It is a little different in my case because I am writing rather than waiting for input. As far as I can see there is no way to automatically have a timeout value for writing to a resource.

However, I solved my own problem. I now access the serial port in non-blocking mode (using the O_NONBLOCK flag when opening it) instead of a blocking mode.

I then have a little bit of code that tries to write a byte to the resource for a specified period of time. If it fails because the file is busy it will try sending again. It gives up after an unexpected error or the time I want to retry for has been exceeded.

Kind of simple when I thought of it. I should have waited those 5 minutes longer before posting here :)

Thanks for your help though. I'll leave this question open in case anyone has a better solution.

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What about using checksum, after you've sent the data, could you then retrieve it and compare the checksum?

This a just a wild stab in the dark.

Regards Mike
dwagnerAuthor Commented:

That would spot corrupt data but wouldn't help the original problem of having a "write" just hang if transmission was interupted (for example by ripping the serial cable out of the port like I did :).

I'm not too worried if the machine at the other side of the serial cable receives the data OK. It can work that out from a CRC transmitted with the data and then it can decided if it wants to try getting the data again.

CRCs... I still don't fully understand the maths... Good job there is plenty of source code out there that I can use :)

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