How to change the default pst file

I save the pst file from my outlook 2k befere formatting the hard drive, now I need to know how to make this file again the default pst file using the old contact, reules, accounts,...

Thanks in advance
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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, my bad on the typo, was supposed to be FILE->OPEN as Neo said.  

Guess its a matter of taste, but if the PST file that you want to use is large importing takes a lot longer than opening it in Outlook (doesn't require a million read and writes).  

I also find that all of the options in the Import/Export wizard can create alot of confusion (whether more or less than the above steps is a matter of opinion, I guess), so unless the EU wants to combine two PST file I don't use import, I open the PST file and set as default.
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First for the bad news, rules and account settings are not stored in the PST file.  If you didn't export your account settings and rules before formatting they are lost.

Good news is that it's easy to change the folder that Outlook uses.

Go to TOOLS->OPEN->PERSONAL FOLDERS and navigate to the PST file you backed up.  It will now appear in the Folder List (if you don't see the Folder List click VIEW->FOLDER LIST).

How you set Outlook to use this file depends on which mode you are installed in, Internet Mail Only (IMO) or Corporate/Workgroup (CW).  Click HELP->ABOUT and your installation mode will be right at the top under Outlook 2000.

IMO - right click on the new "personal folders", choose PROPERTIES for Personal Folders, and check the box to "delivery pop mail to this folder".  OK.  OK.  Restart Outlook.

CW - go to TOOLS->SERVICES and click on the DELIVERY tab.  At the top of the screen you see a drop down menu to "deliver new mail to this location".  Choose the lower "Personal Folders" if there are more than one.  OK.  OK.  Restart Outlook.

After restarting you should see that the "Outlook Today - Personal Folders" now has your data.  To get rid of the other Personal Folders that you don't need, just right click on it in the Folder List and choose "Close Personal Folders."

If any of above is not clear write back, and I'll try again.
matrix717Author Commented:

I'm on Outlook XP... I just confused
This is going to sound silly, but wouldn't it be easier to select File | Import and Export | Import from another program or file | Personal Folder file?

Outside of that, it isn't Tols | Open | Personal Folders.  It is File | Open | Outlook Data file in Outlook 2002 (XP).
matrix717Author Commented:
Thanks Your explanation seams to be for 2k but help me to find out how to do it.
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