Modem problem....

I have a Sony vaio laptop (win 2000) with a built-in modem.
I have been connecting to my ISP for over a year with no
Few days ago, I have noticed that after 15-30 minutes
of connection time, I can't browse, telnet, ping, anything outside
the gateway. The connection still active and I was not disconnected.
If I try to disconnected and connect to the ISP again, then I can't
get a connection till I restart my laptop.
I noticed that the dialup windows shows bytes received and send from and to my machine
even thought I have no activity whatsoever on my browser.
can anyone think of anything that causing this.
I checked with my phone company and they said my phone line works
perfect, the ISP said that all their systems running fine and no one else have complained. I have changed my
cables, un installed and re installed the modem and protocols.
Is there anyway I can check to see which program I sending all the data from my modem?
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magarityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may have sp2, but there are updates since then.  I'd suggest you do the 'Windows Update' thing and let it install all critical updates.

The fact that you report there is data activity even while you can't access the network is troubling.  Can you please elaborate as to how much data activity is there?  Watch the network monitor and see if its intermittent or steady and heavy.  We need to determine if this is a case of software flakiness, in which case the traffic may be your system trying to re-synchronize with the ISP, or if its a case of a script kiddie owning your machine to ping flood someone.

Consider a copy of Zone Alarm, a nice personal firewall program, that can tell you if some software other than the normal networking routines is trying to use your connection.

When did you do your last virus scan?  Did you do it with a current virus signature?  My first guess here is a possible virus.  A scan with two different programs with current signatures would eliminate this as a concern.
Do you have MSN Messenger or CUSeeMe installed?  These will dial up and connect by themselves.
You may also want to look at your mail settings.  Somehow, I have seen systems that are set to disconnect after checking to see if there is any mail.  There could be other issues as well.  Have you loaded SP2 for your Windows 2000?  There are some various fixes there.  Have you loaded any new software recently?
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andy98Author Commented:
Did a virus scan and everyhting was normal. Don't have anyhting else running beside my browser when this happen.
Is resources still an issue in Win2k?  Check your resources when this happens.  I don't know where to find the current resources in 2k but it is can be viewed by doing an alt-dbl-click on My Computer in 98SE.  It is under the Performance tab.
andy98Author Commented:
I have sp2 installed and did not install any new software on the machine for 4 months now.
andy98Author Commented:
I will do all the updates tonight and will let you guys know if I find something.
I don't know the rate of the data being sent but will check this out tonight too.
Thank you all for the help and will let you know when I find something.
andy98Author Commented:
I'm on the net now connected for over four hours and no problem.
Do know what went wrong the past few nights.
thanks to all for the help.

very well could be an ISP drop, which would not show up on any record since it was not an actual forced disconnect,  There are times that after say 24 hours it does a flash through and clears all connections, or a reset to clear out anyone that has just left it on and walked away from the machine.  If they have this at a set time it will put a block to any communication on the network period.  They wont come out and say that since its a standard business practice and it there to help maintain the costs. Also if your modem fails to respond to the subnet,dns packet return it will cause this dead connection as you refer to.  make sure you have the latest win2k drivers for the modem, there could be an update to it as well.

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