LAN connection

I am using HttpURLConnection method in a Java application.

I realised that it works if I am using a ISP connection ie a dial-up.  

But this does not work in a LAN. what am I missing in the settings??

How to resolve this??

If the LAN allows me to surf any pages I want, why can't I get connected to a web server thru this LAN??
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MoondancerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Try to access a local page. i.e. make an HttpURLConnection to a webserver within this LAN. Maybe your LAN policies are that you have to use a proxy to access outside HTTP servers.
TLTEOAuthor Commented:
you are right, I can't access my own server page but I can access pages like yahoo and some locals as well.

In my browser, the LAN setting is set to common, as in other people's
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I am kind of confused now. You cannot access your own server but you can access Yahoo?

Do you have a webserver in your LAN and did you try to open a connection with your Java application to this server?
TLTEOAuthor Commented:
Sorry to confuse.  I use IE browser to access a webserver in my LAN (a normal index page), it failed, so is the Java application as well.

But I can access yahoo..  funny.

Just for my info, will LAN allow java application to access external servers.  I know it is a big too broadbase kind of question. What are the problem that might be imminent when using LAN.
Well, if you cannot access a webserver in your LAN with IE and you can access Yahoo, then something is wrong with the webserver in your LAN.

For the LAN, it doesnt make any difference if you use Java or your Browser. The only thing you might consider is that you might have a proxy configured in your Browser because your firewall doesnt allow direct connections.

If you can access yahoo with your IE, then try to access yahoo with your java application.
Check your browers proxy server settings.
Sounds like it could be using the proxy server for local url's, which the proxy server knows nothing about causing them to fail.
You need to bypass proxy server for local addresses.

hi !
one suggestion is u can try setting ur application to point to ur proxy host under system properties :

detail refer to

under section 9.5

good luck !!
You should ask your Network Administrator about proxy configuration in your LAN.
hei, i think the problem is within your proxy settings. the proxy settings include options  like "let the user applications access remote URLs" if it is set by the network administrator, then there'll be no punga for you to get everything done by your application.
TLTEO can see remote URL's fine as far as I've understood.
The problem is with local URL.

See my above comment about browser proxy settings.
TLTEOAuthor Commented:
I think the prob lies in the firewall (I know nuts about this).  

Now I can access all pages all over the world, except my own internal webserver. Seems firewall banned a direct connection to the server within this LAN.
Maybe you are in a different subnet. Did you ask your network administrator about this?
Repeating above comment:

> Check your browers proxy server settings.
> Sounds like it could be using the proxy server for local > url's, which the proxy server knows nothing
> about causing them to fail.
> You need to bypass proxy server for local addresses.

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