Format string with carriage return for mail message

Hi Guys,
I am creating a HTML form with various input fields and when the user submits details they are entered in an SQL Server table.
But also I am e-mailing these details to certain people.
I am using CDONTS - (Set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
The body of the mail message will consist of all the details from the HTML form.
It is easy to read in all details from HTML form fileds and assign them to a string variable and then assign this string as the mail message body

objCDO.Body = string

But I want to put a carriage return after each form detail as I am reading it into string so as my message is nicely formatted when recipient gets it

From: Willy Balda
Department: Extronics
Details: Testing Results - Completed
Any ideas appreciated


B Cunney

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Barry CunneyAsked:
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str & "<br>" should do it.


Response.Write("From: " & Request.Form("whatever") & "<br")
opps - last one shouldhve been

Response.Write("From: " & Request.Form("whatever") & "<br>")
can't you just insert a "<BR>"??
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If you are compliling a long string for the body of the email:

strBody = "From: " & Request.Form("whatever") & "<br>"
strBody = strBody & "Department: " & Request.FOrm("whatever_2") & "<br>"
strBody = strBody & "Detail: " ....etc, etc.
if the email you are sending is not in HTML format, then you want an actual carriage return and line character, ie:

strBody = "From: " & Request.Form("whatever") & Chr(13) & Chr(10)
strBody = strBody & "Department: " & Request.FOrm ("whatever_2") & Chr(13) & Chr(10)
strBody = strBody & "Detail: " ....etc, etc.

or equivalently:

strBody = "From: " & Request.Form("whatever") & vbCrLf
strBody = strBody & "Department: " & Request.FOrm ("whatever_2") & vbCrLf
strBody = strBody & "Detail: " ....etc, etc.


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Barry CunneyAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,
Below is very simple content of test mail.ASP I am trying:
Using <BR> but it does not seem to have any affect.
Just to keep things simple I am not requesting data from FORM, just assigning 2 strings to 2 variables and then trying to create body message with THESE 2 VARIABLES fname and lname on two different lines.
Should I be specifying a 'BodyFormat' for the mail message

objCDO.BodyFormat = ??

<TITLE>Mail Test</TITLE>

Dim fname, lname
Dim objCDO

fname = "Willy"
lname = "Wonka"

Set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

objCDO.From = "" 'That's me :)

objCDO.To = ""
objCDO.Subject = "Submitted form data from my page"

objCDO.Body = "Name: " & fname & "<BR>" & lname


BodyFormat=1 will do HTML, BodyFormat=0 is plain text, with HTML you use "<BR>", with plain text, vbCrLF.
oops, i got them backwards
0 is HTML, 1 is plain text only.
you can add a vbCrLf where you want the line break.
Barry CunneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks MCM
I used the vbCrLf option and set BodyFormat to plain text
and this has done the job.
I had tried Chr(13) before but this didn't seem to work.
Was not able to get <BR> and HTML bodyformat to work either.
But anyway Plaintext Bodyformat and vbCrLF has given desired result so I a fairly happy.

MANY Thanks

B Cunney
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