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Posted on 2001-08-14
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I am not at all familiar with Lotus Notes other then the basics.  I am however familiar with development in other areas.  The company I work for has a Notes database with data entry forms that a consultant, who has since left, created.  We would like to add some fields to this form.  Knowing that we don't have in-house notes developers and time doesn't allow us to eliminate Notes for another platform we are familiar with, we are hopefull that the changes we want can be done.

The form has a number of fields.  We want to add 1 drop down and 1 text field.

How do I add these fields?  How do I get to the "editing view" of the form?  Will these changes affect all of the documents that have been created with the old form?

Thanks if you can help

Question by:mtgcpc

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>>The form has a number of fields.  We want to add 1 drop down and 1 text field.

How do I add these fields?  How do I get to the "editing view" of the form?  Will these changes affect all of the documents that have been created with the old form?<<

I've only really done development work in R5.0, but it should be much the same between the two.  To modify the form, do the following:

- Make sure you have Designer or Manager access to the database.
- From the File menu (I think), choose Design - Forms.  If you don't see a Design menu, go to the View menu and choose to View Design (or something like that).
- Choose the form in question and you should enter design mode.
- Put the cursor where you want the new field and use the "Create" menu, "Field" option.
- In the properties sheet, change the field name, and change the type to "Combobox" for the pull-down field and leave it on "Text" for the other one.

You should be good to go after this.  You can add text and tables and all kinds of other neat stuff to the form.  I'd recommend making a copy of the database prior to making changes though, just to be safe.

Please understand that I haven't worked in 4.6 for a LONNNNNG time, so the above instructions may not be 100% accurate, but they should kick you in the right direction.


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Here's exactly how you do it in R4.6, the easy way:
First right-click on the icon on your notes desktop for the database and select "Go to design" from the popup-window. If you don't have sufficient access to the database to change the design (at least designer access) this menu option will not appear. In that case you need to change (or have your administrator change) your access rights to the database.
You will automatically get the view of all forms in your database, double-click on the form to which you want to add the fields to open it in design mode.
Now put your cursor where you want to add the fields and as Moonshadow stated, click Create, Field...
In the field properties set the correct properties for the field : name, type.
For the text-field leave the type as "Text".
For the drop-down you need to set the type to "Keywords", then enter the possible choices for the drop-down in the choices box (one per line). On the second tab of the field properties box you can select the type of keywords field, by default you can't create a drop-down, but a dialog list. This means a little arrow will appear next to the field. By clicking on this arrow you will see the available choices.
If you want to create a drop-down field (like in windows applications) you first need to create a layout region.
To do this click Create, Layout Region, New Layout Region
A rectangle will appear. You can resize this rectangle to suit your needs.
Now create the field on the layout region (select the region and click Create, Field.)
Select Keywords for the type of field and in the second tab you can now select Combobox as the interface. On the first tab you can like in a dialog list specify the possible choices.

In notes R5 it's all a bit simpler, because here you don't need to create a layout region to create a combobox field, since this is a standard field type in R5, but not in R4.



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Good answer Jerrith, that is all the application needs to add a drop down field.

In the case of the text field, it is only needed to click in the menu Create --> Field, then it will appear a dialog box where you have to define the name of the new field and the type of field, then select Text, so the new field will be of type Text.
This field can be created  inside the layout region or outside, its upto you where you want to place it.

The other thing you have to consider is that after you save the form after being modified, if there are already documents created before with this form, this will appear with these 2 fields like empty, so you will have to edit each document and add the information for those fields or having and edit button or giving double click inside the read mode for the document, so you will be able to edit it.

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by:Jean Marie Geeraerts
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Thanks for the confirmation giusepe ;-)

Since mtqcpc asked to add two new fields, I suppose he knows that he will have to fill them out in all existing documents.

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Please update and finalize this old, open question.

Moondancer - EE Moderator

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by:Jean Marie Geeraerts
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Totally forgot about this one :-)
I feel I provided the user with a perfect answer, so maybe he should accept my comment as an answer ?

How about it mtqcpc, are you still with us?

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mtgcpc last logged in 4/9/02, and hopefully will return here shortly to finalize this.
Moondancer - EE Moderator

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Sorry to it took so long to get back to this.  Thanks again for the response.

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by:Jean Marie Geeraerts
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You're welcome. Thanks for the A !!

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Thank you for returning and finalizing this in excellent fashion.
:) Moondancer - EE Moderator

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