Write in a text file

Posted on 2001-08-14
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
How open, append, text files.
and how write in that files.

Question by:juliosb73
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For writing
Open "Your file" for output as #1
Print #1 "your Data"
Close #1
For appending

Open "Your file" for Append as #1
Print #1 "your Data"
Close #1


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There were typos in that, let me clarify and demonstrate more of File I/O.

Dim FileHandle As Long
FileHandle = FreeFile ' Get free file handle
Open "Filename" For Output as #FileHandle ' Open file for output
Print #FileHandle, "My String" ' Prints string, adds CR+LF after.
Write #FileHandle, FileHandle, "Hello", 5.5 ' Writes variables and values seperated by commas, adds CR+LF after.
Close #FileHandle

Open "Filename" For Append as #FileHandle ' Open file for output, without deleting current contents first
Print #FileHandle, "New Text Appended"
Close #FileHandle

Open "Filename" For Binary As #FileHandle ' Open file for direct binary access. Allows writing almost any types of data, and at any location in the file.
Put #FileHandle, 1, "Hello, World!" ' Get and Put are used to retrieve variables or write variables/data from specific locations in binary files. You cannot use Write and Print in binary files. Note that the 1 (location) is optional.
Close #FileHandle

Good luck :)

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ID: 6387314
My recommendation and experience told me, if u have Internet Explorer installed or look for this file in you Windows\ directory: scrrun.dll

Include Microsoft Scripting Runtime in project reference.

This is called FileSystemObject, very powerful and fast.

Do like this:

Dim fso as New FileSystemObject
Dim f as TextStream

set f = fso.OpenTextFile("C:\test.txt",False, ForAppending)
f.write("abc") & vbcrlf
set f = nothing

This is simple enough, look for MSDN library for details, it have a lots of useful functions and properties.

Hope this helps you.


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No use FSO for this!

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costello, should you not have forced the rejection of gigsvoo's proposed answer?
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And please do the same on gigsvoo again I am afraid.

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Hi gigsvoo,

Askers can accept any comment made to their questions as the answer. Because of that, a lot of experts never answer a question, but post comments only.

I don't think you necessarily need to adhere to that. If an asker asks "what is 1 + 1" I can't blame the first person in when they lock the question with the answer "2". But most questions aren't as clear cut as that.

In the wonderful world of computing, there often are many different ways to "skin a cat" (as the saying goes).

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PS - please note that I have only force-rejected the proposed answer because of the above reasons. juliosb73, if you think that gigsvoo's answer happens to be the best one, you can still accept it.

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Sorry for all those hassel, i had found out to use Comments after I had posted 2-3 replies using Answer.

Forgive me coz i m new to here.

Apologize to everyone...


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Hi gigsvoo, don't worry about it. We all had to be told the first time we joined, the guidelines are not as clear as they should be :-)

Thank you for taking it as intended. Like I said, Welcome!
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Hi juliosb73,
It appears that you have forgotten this question. I will ask Community Support to close it unless you finalize it within 7 days. I will ask a Community Support Moderator to:

    Accept hes's comment(s) as an answer.

juliosb73, if you think your question was not answered at all or if you need help, just post a new comment here; Community Support will help you.  DO NOT accept this comment as an answer.

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Per recommendation, force-accepted.

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