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Write in a text file

How open, append, text files.
and how write in that files.

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1 Solution
For writing
Open "Your file" for output as #1
Print #1 "your Data"
Close #1
For appending

Open "Your file" for Append as #1
Print #1 "your Data"
Close #1

There were typos in that, let me clarify and demonstrate more of File I/O.

Dim FileHandle As Long
FileHandle = FreeFile ' Get free file handle
Open "Filename" For Output as #FileHandle ' Open file for output
Print #FileHandle, "My String" ' Prints string, adds CR+LF after.
Write #FileHandle, FileHandle, "Hello", 5.5 ' Writes variables and values seperated by commas, adds CR+LF after.
Close #FileHandle

Open "Filename" For Append as #FileHandle ' Open file for output, without deleting current contents first
Print #FileHandle, "New Text Appended"
Close #FileHandle

Open "Filename" For Binary As #FileHandle ' Open file for direct binary access. Allows writing almost any types of data, and at any location in the file.
Put #FileHandle, 1, "Hello, World!" ' Get and Put are used to retrieve variables or write variables/data from specific locations in binary files. You cannot use Write and Print in binary files. Note that the 1 (location) is optional.
Close #FileHandle

Good luck :)
My recommendation and experience told me, if u have Internet Explorer installed or look for this file in you Windows\ directory: scrrun.dll

Include Microsoft Scripting Runtime in project reference.

This is called FileSystemObject, very powerful and fast.

Do like this:

Dim fso as New FileSystemObject
Dim f as TextStream

set f = fso.OpenTextFile("C:\test.txt",False, ForAppending)
f.write("abc") & vbcrlf
set f = nothing

This is simple enough, look for MSDN library for details, it have a lots of useful functions and properties.

Hope this helps you.


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No use FSO for this!

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Thank you for taking it as intended. Like I said, Welcome!
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