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How to configure Sun as a DNS server ?

Posted on 2001-08-15
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Last Modified: 2013-12-27
I have a NT server currently running the DNS Server. I like to switch the DNS Server to the Sun Solaris server. What should I do on Sun and what do I have to re-configure on my router ?
Question by:ck969
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Hi ck969,

     You can down the template files from the following site:


   It'll give you some infor about how to setup a DNS server.

   You can find more information about how to set-up DNS in:



   Please remember for Solaris 7/8, you need to use the file:named.conf
NOT named.boot, and put in under /etc, the other files you can put it somewhere you wanted,
as long as you specify it in you configurations files.

   Good luck !

Author Comment

ID: 6405686
Thanks yuzh, anyway,at the moment I have 2 websites on the Sun Solaris that's going through the DNS server on the NT machine. I would like to create a new site just for testing purpose first. For this new site, it will be running on the DNS server on Solaris. Do you think that's possible ? If yes, will it override any of the settings in the original files ?

Author Comment

ID: 6406517
Additional Info :

My current /etc/resolv.conf file has these setting :

domain xxx.lu
nameserver 194.154.xxx.xxx

where 194.154.xxx.xxx is the IP address of the current NT DNS server. If I change this IP address to the IP address of my sun solaris, does that mean all the current websites on the Sun Solaris will be running the DNS server on Sun instead on the NT ?

If something goes wrong, I just need to revert the origincal setting in /etc/resolv.conf ?

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Accepted Solution

yuzh earned 200 total points
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Hi  ck969,

    To test your new Sun box DNS server, in a DNS client (Solaris box),
all you need to do is to edit the /etc/resolv.conf file, to comment ot the
information about your NT box, and add the information about your Sun
DNS server to the file.



Author Comment

ID: 6473713
It looks very well now when I do a nslookup, it gave me the setting on the named.conf, named.mydomain, etc file. Now myhost = csdw, and mydomain = cval.com, when I did a nslookup for www.cval.com, csdw.cval.com, etc... it gave the correct IP address on my Sun server, which I set in the named.* files. However, when I try to ping www.cval.com, csdw.cval.com, it said unknown host. I ping "csdw", it said csdw is alive. "csdw" is my host name on Sun. Any idea how to solve this or I have to wait sometimes for the DNS to refresh setting....
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Expert Comment

ID: 6475675
Hi ck969 ,

    It looks like you manage to get the DNS server going.  Please check your /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/nsswitch.conf,  to make sure that you can
get machine names from dns, and check through all the name* files to have www as a nickname of csdw (CNAME) entry and make sure csdw is in domain cval.com.

   Good luck!


Author Comment

ID: 6477188
does it always must have a domain name. The current workstations are on Windows workgroup. This is an intranet website available to just the internal users. I would actually like to make it easy as having the url like :


instead of http://csdw.cval.com/myproject/index.htm

Reason being this is not a .com site.

Is my suggestions possible to implement ?
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Expert Comment

ID: 6478216
If you use it for intranet website ,  you can create a aliase for csdw (nickname)  to point to csdw.yourdomailn on the DNS server.
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why give me a C ?

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