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I just recently signed up for Earthlink DSL and it has been nothing but aggravation for me.  I live
in Queens, NY and I am about 10,000ft from the CO yet I get speeds of 23kbps. (Yes, I did type that

I complained to Earthlink that I was getting poor speeds, and they sent out a Telco repairman out to me.  He tested the lines and modem and he changed one line.  After running a test and still getting poor speeds, he determined that I was too far from the CO.  

Before the Telco repairman came out to "fix the wires", I was getting speeds of 140kbps down/ 112kpbs up.  After Telco repairman came out, I am getting consistent speeds of 23kbps.  

I complained to Earthlink again, stating that something went quirky after the Telco repairman came to my house. Earthlink is telling me because the Telco repairman determined I am too far from the CO, they cant do anything.  What is causing me to get such slow speeds!?  And is this just coincidence that this problem occured? Thanks for your input!
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DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines. xDSL refers to different variations of DSL, such as ADSL, HDSL, and RADSL.

In general, the maximum range for DSL without a repeater is 5.5 km (18,000 feet). As distance decreases toward the telephone company office, the data rate increases. Another factor is the gauge of the copper wire. The heavier 24 gauge wire carries the same data rate farther than 26 gauge wire. If you live beyond the 5.5 kilometer range, you may still be able to have DSL if your phone company has extended the local loop with optical fiber cable.

i hope this clarify your doubts.


Many people will tell you facts about DSL, but I aim to answer your question in realistic terms:

You have esssentially been screwed by your telephone company. What they did was placed a structure somewhere that is blocking your connection to the main Co Office where you're connection distance is measured from. I've heard of your problem so many times. The technician who came out should have told you that is why you were getting slow speeds, but he doesn't want you to yell at him just because Pacific Bell is a bunch off assholes. Excuse my french.

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TeamSnafu3Author Commented:
i guess its time for me to move...damn verizon
Snafu... So can you mark me as the winner? hehehe Thanks man.. Good luck with the DSL, email me at tcbeer@ucdavis.edu  if you have any problems man..


Any chance of getting a cable connection? I would think that Queens would have the option by now, and I bet it isn't much different pricewise than DSL service. I'm in western NY and Time Warner is offering free installation and 3 months free service to attract new customers.

And you'll never have to worry about those Pac Bell workers traveling 3000 miles to screw you.  :-)
TeamSnafu3Author Commented:
Thanks Tim for the help... it seems now that Earthlink has disconnected me!! ARGGH! i cant believe how spiteful these techs can be after you bug them everyday! I guess I'll try a new provider..thanks for your help!
No problem man. You need anything at all in the way of DSL setup, my advice is free, email me timothy@fdsi.com

see ya man!

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