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I would like to create an Add-in for Visual Interdev that manipulates code.  I can not seem to find any help for this.  It sems like it can be done in VB but i can't see anything for Interdev.

Any help would be appreciated.
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DaveFentonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've also tried similar things but no luck. The Interdev ide returns a DTE object type to the add-in not a VBIDE type.
The code that is given as examples on all these sites with add-in examples doesn't work(unless someone can point out otherwise)
The furthest I've managed to get is actually adding a menu item to the interdev menu. The place I get stuck is in actually accessing the code itself. the DTE has a different object model to VBIDE and I've found very little information of any use either on the web or in MSDN.
I have found one piece of code that is an example InterDev add-in. Unfortunatly it doesn't manipulate code just opens and closes windows but it is a starting point.
You use the exact same procedures to create an add-in for VI as for VB and C++. There are no differences. See the following links for a few example of how to create one for VB.

Once you have created your add-in it takes a little jury-riging to get VI to recognise it. Use the following to get into the VIIDE

In Regedit do the following (yes you know editing the registry can be ...)

Invoke Regedit and find the following key:

Add a key called:
Let it default to the default value not set.

After that is done and saved also close VI. Then Register your new add-in
just like you would for VB (regsvr32)
Restart VI and look in the Add-In-Manager and you should see it.......
If not Do the following:

Invoke Regedit and find the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\6.0\Addins.

Create a new subkey (select the Addins node and then New and Key from the Edit menu) using the propID
as its name.
Note   If you've registered add-ins in Visual Basic before, this name is the same as the one you've
entered in the vbaddin.ini file.

Select the new key, right-click the right pane of Regedit, and select New on the context menu. Select
String, enter Friendlyname and press RETURN. The new named value is selected; press RETURN again and
enter the name of the add-in as you want it displayed in the Add-In Manager. Select New and String again,
but this time enter Description. Use the same procedure for the name to enter a description of the add-in.
Select String, New, and enter LoadBehavior. Use 0 for this value. Finally, select New and Integer, and
enter LoadBehavior.

Exit Regedit and open the Add-In Manager to see the name and description of your new add-in. (If the
Add-In Manager is already open, close it and open it again.)

svfafelAuthor Commented:
I have installed/configured as you mention...i get the selection in my list of add-ins but when i go to run it, i get an Access Violation error when attempting to execute the line:
    Set m_oButtonClear = m_oVBIDE.Events.CommandBarEvents(cmdClear)

any ideas?  It has done this on two different addins i have tried...

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I'm with Dave.  Anybody have anything that works for accessing VI code?
I've now got code that works BUT only on certain machines. In the office only about half the machines will work. Obviously there's some version incompatability but I'm blown if I can work out what it is. In theory all of our office machines are set up exactly the same with the same versions of dll's etc. The only things that vary are browser versions since we like to have a full range for testing. I can't believe that it's down to browser versions (then again it is Microsoft!)
I'd love to see some of that working code.  If you don't mind:  Thanks.

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svfafelAuthor Commented:
Dave, you are right....there is no great way to extend the functions of VI 6.  VS .net will have much more functionality....

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