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Is it possible to have a field in a table that will automatically reflect the date/time that the specific records was last changed, either directly in the table or via a form? This must be updated whenever a record is changed or created.
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nico5038Connect With a Mentor Commented:
For that you would need a Stored Procedure.
That's not available in Access.
The only way to get this will be to split the database and to link your tables to a database (like MS SQL) that has this possibility.

you may be forced to do this with code, but I'll keep listening to see if anyone comes up with something

You can do it on a form.  
Lets call the new field "ChangeLog"
Go to the properties for your form, and click on the event tab
Next click on one of the controls that is bound to the field that you want to track changes for.
On the "AfterUpdate" box, select "Event Procedure", then click on the "..." directly to the right.
Paste this =>  Me![ChangeLog]=Now()
LoungeLizardAuthor Commented:
Maybe I expressed myself badly. I want a date/time field that updates itself whenever the record is changed -- whatever the source of the change may be (directly, via query etc.)
LoungeLizardAuthor Commented:
I kinda thought so, thanks.
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