How to restart windows in VC++ without MFC?

  I am making a console application so "ExitWindowsEx" will no work, is there any other way. I want to run it on Win98.
   Restarting of windows is required to update the Autoexec.bat file which I have updated by my program. Is there any other way of setting the changes made in autoexec.bat without restarting the windows.

Thanks in advance,
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ExitWindowEx(EWX_REBOOT,0) should work.

Does this return true or false?
If false what is the return value from GetLastError()?

Also have you read the remarks section of the MSDN documentation for ExitEindowsEx, there it details what you need to do to make it work on NT. Note it also says:
"Windows 95/98/Me: ExitWindowEx does not work from a console application"

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Please post your code - and the OS. In winNT/2k/XP you need enough privileges to successfully call ExitWindowsEx. What does GetLastError say after you called it?

Regards, Madshi.
>>>have tried the API "ExitWindowsEx" but it is not working in VC

Please define "not working".  The ExitWindowsEx API is KNOWN TO BE GOOD and it is used by 1000s of programs every day.  If you call it correctly, it will work.

Is this Windows 9x or NT/2000?  On NT/2000 your calling process MUST have the SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME privilege.  Your non-administrator account may not have this by default.
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By the way, if ExitWindowsEx() fails, it does return an error code.  Call GetLastError() and report the reason.
Of course it might be failing because another app cancels the request (see WM_QUERYENDSESSION). To bypass this you would need to use the EWX_FORCE flag.
all - according to the MS documentation ExitWindowsEx does not work from a console app on 95/98/Me and nitinkale has expressed a wish to do this from a console app on 98. If the documentaion is wrong please don't have a go at nitinkale but explaing why it is wrong
nitinkale - you can turn you console app quite easily into a WIN32 app - use the wizards in visual studio and create a simple app - then copy your code from main() into WinMain() and away you go - then you can use ExitWindowsEx
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