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Multiple calendars

How do I deal with multiple calendars? I have one in my MS Exchange inbox, but I wish to use the one that is part of my personal folder (.pst file). Where is the setting that selects which is the 'active' calendar, and can the other calendar be removed?

A second problem that may be related, is that if I create an appointment in the calendar that is a part of the personal folder, I get the following message when it is saved:

'The reminder for '.....' will not appear because the item is not in your Calendar or Tasks folder. Is this OK?'

But it IS in the calendar folder!
1 Solution
You can't really pick which calendar folder you want to use primarily, you pick which information store you want to be your default delivery point, and the calendar of this information store becomes your primary calendar.  (there, is that clear as mud?)

So basically, if you want the calendar in your Personal Folders to be your primary calendar, you need to set your Personal Folder as you default delivery point.  This means that the Personal Folder is used for all incoming and outgoing mail instead of your mailbox.

You can change the default delivery point by going to TOOLS->SERVICES->DELIVERY TAB.  The top section of this screen determines your default delivery point.  I would suggest contacting your administrator before changing things like this, they may have very legitimate reasons for not wanting you to switch this.

Additionally, even if you do change the delivery point, and by doing so change your primary calendar, you cannot delete the calendar from your exchange mailbox.

Reminders only trigger from the calendar and task folders in your default delivery point, which is why you are getting the message that a reminder won't be triggered, because the calendar you are creating the appointment in is not in your default delivery point.

You can still use the two calendars, regardless of which is in your default delivery point, you just won't get reminders.  Additionally other users cannot use the calendar from your Personal Folders file when trying to plan meetings using your free/busy time.

If the above is not enough info, reply back with why exactly you want to use the other calendar (ie what is using the exchange mailbox calendar not allowing you to do) so I will have a clearer idea of your end goal.
greghuxAuthor Commented:
We recently had a corrupt priv.edb file. I went to recover it from a backup tape but found that it had never been backed up! The reason for this was that as all MS Exchange mailboxes reside the same file (priv.edb) it took only one individual to have outlook open during a backup to render the file open and thus locked out from the backup.

So to minimise data loss should we ever have a corrupt priv.edb file I have suggested that all staff set up a rule to move all email to their own personal folder (.pst file) as it arrives. Your suggestion about delivery location effectively does this. I had originally thought this would not work; that MS Exchange would insist on delivering the email to the MS exchange mailboxes (ie. Priv.edb). In fact email does still arrive in the Exchange mailbox but it is immediately moved to the personal folder, as though it was done with a ?rule?.

And yes, the calendar in the personal folder does operate properly now.


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