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checkpoint firewall any hacking detection

Any hacking detection in checkpoint firewall 4.0

running in window nt to detect people scan port in

firewall , how to do this?

I hope the detection can make alert such as email to
us .Is this possible?
1 Solution
I don't know if v4 has any more tools than v3 had (v3 is the last version I used).

In v3, it was a case of looking through the log viewer for any attempted connections on ports, particularly low-numbered ones. Port scans don't often go in sequence (ie. they're often random, not port 21, then 22, then 23, etc.) and can be spread over time, so you have to look for a number of failed connections.

Some systems do (sort of legitimately) try to make connections on high numbered ports. Hotmail is one example - after communicating with an SMTP server, Hotmail always seemed to try to make a reverse connection on a high numbered port.

You should always check the logs periodically. That way, you get used to seeing normal activity. With this knowledge, you can easily identify anything that's "not quite right" and needs investigation.

For a list of "popular" ports that are being scanned at this moment, see:

Generic advice on logging and log files:

In depth advice on detecting intrusion:
Another useful doc on how some port scans try to avoid detection:
Version 4.1 is suppoed to have quite an extensive reporting tool which can detect portscans.

In version 4, just use the log viewer and filter on 'alerts' (I assume you've got dodgy services setup to alert)
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yes, you use the stock cpmad (checkpoint malicious activity detection) module.

look in your [checkpoint_dir]\conf\cpmad_~1.con file.  it should be fairly self explanatory here's a sample of some of the settings you might consider:

# MAD mode
MAD_system_mode = on

MAD_port_scanning_mode = on
MAD_port_scanning_time_interval = 30
MAD_port_scanning_repetitions = 75
MAD_port_scanning_action = alert

MAD_successive_alerts_mode = on
MAD_successive_alerts_resolution = 50
MAD_successive_alerts_time_interval = 600
MAD_successive_alerts_repetitions = 75
MAD_successive_alerts_action = alert

then go to the log and alert tab in the fwlog setup properties window and provide a valid sendmail command in the mail alert textbox.  ie.
sendmail -s "Possible Network Attack"

-hope this helps.
I don't know what you are trying to do but it is not worth the effort watching for port scans.  All IP addresses will be port scanned regularly by script kiddies using automated procedures.  You don't even have to have a site that has any kind of publicity.  When they find a host that responds they will try to attack the open ports.

We ignore port scans.  An immediate email alarm is also usuallly pointless because the scan is usually run in a unattended script.  The associated hack attempt will probably come 24 - 48 hours later.  Scans are part of everyday life on the internet.  Now intrusion detection for open ports is another ballpark .........
i'd agree with toni, theoretically your firewall is your stronghold, port-scanning detection is an overkill and expense on resources.  ids is a much better alternative.

but i guess it depends on what information you hope to gather from the port scans?  if it's just targetted ports ie. it seems that there's an increase of scans between the x and y range, or between the hours of a and b there is a significant pattern increase from xyz net, then that is valuable, quantitative, reportable information...

unfortunately it's also not quality information...if it's purpose is in attempts to twart port-scanning or capture information needed to prosecute an individual; you'll only succeed in causing service interruption and mass alerts to undue or non-existant hosts by relying on unverified/spoofed source information.

here's a simple reliability and determination breakdown:

tcp scan - one host (ain't that host, or host doesn't exist, or maybe just someone who ain't to bright)

udp scan - one host (if it's not a result of the same brilliance above, then you're probably already in real trouble)

tcp/udp scan - hundreds or thousands of hosts (which one is it?)

also, the ones who are capable of staging a successful attack aren't going to blast you...they'll do it softly, without making waves, over many port a day, maybe two and always from a different source.
Tim HolmanCommented:
CPMAD sucks.  :)
If you want IDS, go for an external unit. The firewall's already too busy running other stuff !
The Webtrends Firewall Suite is an entry level log scanning product - could be worth a shot, as decent IDS systems are quite expensive.
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