SOme doubt about the harddisk errors

I have installed RH7.1 on my new intel810chipset pc wit 40GB harddisk. The installtion went successfully but intermittantly i will be getting errors like

hda:dma_intr:status 0x51{DriveReadySeekCOmpleteError}
hda:dma_intr:error=0x84{drivestatus error Bad CRC}

is that a is giving any indication towards harddisk problem or not
or is it a general error
pls let me know

thanks for all

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There will either be a jumper on the drive or a utility to disable it (which could be downloaded from Seagate), I presume. will tell you for sure

No guarantee this will work, but why not try?


When do you get those errors ? At boot up ?

If you're lucky then it is just a 'discourse' between LILO & the BIOS
about how it should read your hardddisk, roughly spoken.

Try these steps:

1.) Simply rerun LILO a couple of times. Command  '/sbin/lilo'
in combination with rebooting your system.

2.) If it doesn't help then check your /etc/lilo.conf. file:
 If there is an option 'compact', remove it & rerun lilo.
 E.g. try LILO with the 'linear' option & see if it does improve things.

If that doesn't help then it is likely that your media is bad.
You may 'fsck' your disk device in order to find & possibly repair any defects. Please read the fsck man page for that.

A CRC error is rather an indication towards a harddisk problem : (

Is the drive a Western Digital by any chance ? I Had these kind of errors at boot time (only) on a prior box using a WD drive although it seemed not to cause a problem in practice.

See --> in general and note in particular. You may be safer using hdparm to use more conservative dma settings :

/sbin/hdparm -i /dev/hda       (tells you current settings and drive capabilities as seen by system)

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that sounds interesting, actually, considering last time when I had to meet with some 'extraordinary behaviour' from a harddisk, it also was a Western digital ; )
sudarshankrAuthor Commented:
I am getting errors at the boot time and also while working on some terminal we will get this errors regularly. Even some one is typing some text files also we are getting this errors regularly. So it becomes difficlt for us to work in the same.
pls help me in this regard

Thankyou for your replies

Make sure Ultra66/100 DMA mode is turned off (Western Digital has a util on their site that you can use to do this) - I saw almost the exact same problem on a drive that was inserted into a system whose controller only did Ultra33.

Just a thought,
sudarshankrAuthor Commented:
The harddisk is of make seagate and its set up as ultraDMA 66, how should i disable the same

Thanks for all

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