Winamp and Visual Basic

Okay Im writing a little interface program for winamp w/VB. I have been to their develpoer forums and no one seems to know why this code doesn't work.    
Ok, this is a snippet of my code fom VB...

==========================================================Private Const WM_USER = &H400
Private Const MODE = 1
Private Const IPC_GETTIME = 105
Dim s as Long

Private Sub Command6_Click()

s = SendMessage(hwndWinamp, WM_USER, MODE, IPC_GETTIME)
MsgBox s

End Sub
==========================================================This code is supposed to return the current songs position
in seconds. The only value it ever returns is 1. It will not give time in Seconds. Just a value of one. Does anybody see anything wrong or suggest anything. ( I use findwindow API to get the Hwnd of Winamp.)

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Brendt HessConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:
So, you can use:

Public Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long

Or declare a SendMessageLong type:

Public Declare Function SendMessageLong Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long

and use it, retaining the default SendMessage definition.
I can't say for certain, but I would venture a guess that the Window Message you need to send to hwndWinamp is a certain value plus WM_USER.

WM_USER is a base-point reference for messages for private window classes.
nongravityAuthor Commented:
here is an example from the SDK for Winamp (its in C++ but I ported it to VB,real simple)

** int res = SendMessage(hwnd_winamp,WM_MA_IPC,mode,IPC_GETOUTPUTTIME);
** IPC_GETOUTPUTIME returns the position in milliseconds
** of the current (mode = 0), or the song length, in
** seconds(mode = 1).
** Returns -1 if not playing, 1 on EOF, or 0 if successful

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nongravityAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention that the constant WM_MA_IPC is defined as WM_USER.
Assuming your definition of WM_MA_IPC is correct (that it equals WM_USER and not something like WM_USER + 1), then I do not see any error off hand.
Brendt HessSenior DBACommented:
Docs on Winamp's site indicate the problem is probably in your definition of SendMessage!  Define the last paramater as ByVal Long instead of Any and you should be able to get your return value correctly.
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Interesting matter, i would like to know how it ends...
have a look in these examples, you maybe able to see where you going wrong

I was looking for a winamp code that went beyong the normal play, pause, and stop functions. When I couldn't find it, i made it myself. This is the best winamp module on planetsourcecode, it does more than just play and stop, it can get song length, get

Here's the updated winamp module (Use to be "A winamp module like no other") This has lots of new features such as open winamp, play files, get file path, and tons more. You must get the updated one if you had the old one

A .bas module containing procedures that are useful to control Winamp via its API. It contains the basic functions, and is easily expandable to include desired functions, with the help of the data sheet found at the NSDN page at the Winamp site. Thoroughl ...(description truncated

Just set you're volume or balance with two simple controls or set the position of the media. They can be used in every MP3 player. Currently they used Winamp skins but the code is easy to change to other formats

Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantCommented:
interesting to me too..
>Docs on Winamp's site indicate the problem is probably in
>your definition of SendMessage!  Define the
>last paramater as ByVal Long instead of Any and you
>should be able to get your return value correctly.

bhess, I suspect you're right.
nongravityAuthor Commented:
It works now!  I knew it was something simple but it was escaping me as to what the problem was. Thanks for everybody elses input on the matter.

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