AnotherQ: what about hostnames in win98

I got to know of an idea, how to make my public, Class A STATICALLY ASSIGNED ip address be assigned to hostname using my win2k.

ex.   or     or

and how do i change it when i like to change it? where in win2k is that!?!

coz now in my win2k advance server, what i have configured is the which my ISP told me is configured in by default as i am directly connected to them via modem (yeah modem...) ,(i can verify that coz i got my webserver running for half a year now), and the ISP sys admin told me that i should install DNS in my win2k server to have what i need. but the guides and white papers that i have gone havent had details regarding this. or maybe what is in the book are just too complicated than my set-up. my set-up is particularly specific i guess. and take note too, i dont have control with my ISP and they're using SunOS and other Linux distro combos, no win2k they said. how do i make this possible.


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gregcmcseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not entirely clear on your question.  If you're asking, "How do I assign static IP addresses to specific Windows 98 machines", the best answer is to use DHCP and configure reservations for each machine.  You create a reservation by using the MAC address on the network card as the DHCP unique identifier and then specifying the address you want it to have.  You can also specify the hostname and use DHCP server options to assign domain name, DNS servers, WINS server, etc.
sir_giatayAuthor Commented:
and by the way these machines are win98 original not win98SE


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