shareware writers

Do you know anybody who earns a living writing shareware?

What are the chances your shareware is cracked?

How hard is it to get listed on TUCOWS or
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GwenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are the chances your shareware is cracked?

Chance are very high!

In general if you don't find your shareware cracked and being passed around on the warez groups then your program is not good enough to even bother stealing :-)
You are some sort of a genius and have come up with a really great protection scheme.... if this is the case you will find posts in the warez groups saying "Can someone please crack this program for me?"

You don't see too many posts like that :-)

Just wait till Windows XP goes gold and see how long it takes before it is cracked and shows up on usenet...

I think it is easy to get a program listed on Tucows and  ... these sites are desperate for freeware/shareware to list... it's the only reason people come to their sites...

I don't know anyone personally that makes a living with shareware... but there are some guys that have been doing it a long time and they must be making something or they would take up another hobby :-)
One thing about shareware is that unless you put together a very unigue application expect to find stiff competition. Also because of this competition a shareware author has to keep the price charged for the app quite low. So to make a living at doing shareware would virtually require putting together a lot of different types of apps and then upgrading the apps and charging for the upgrades. In other words it can be done but it is extremely difficult to accomplish. Gettting listed on shareware sites is the easy part. Getting people to buy it is the hard part. ;>)

The Crazy One
Hi superquestions :-)
  Thanx for the points...
I'm going to be putting up a program on Tucows..etc soon...
I'm releasing it as freeware ....
good luck with your shareware.....
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Hi Gwena

What is it you are going to releas? :>)
Hi CrazyOne :-)

  It's a floppy disk imaging app.. called EXE2A
it makes stand-alone self extracting images of a floppy
.. they look like little floppy's cute :-)
Cool. When do you plan to releas it? :>)
In the next month or so...
I need to find someone to test it on XP for me seems to work fine on 9x thru NT...
There is an old version at my web site...without any
documentation... I had it up so some people could look
for bugs... but the version I'm touching up now is much
improved from that old version... now it has an improved
GUI and can store multiple disk images and has a huge variety of options for help/info files  .. you can see the old ver at :-)
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