Printing from 2000 to printer onNT 4

I have a officejet pro 1170 connected to a windows NT 4 workstation

Whenever i try to connect from a windows 2000 workstation, the system prompts for a driver to beinstalled locally. I downloaded the driver from HP site for windows 2000 but it doesnt sem to have any .inf files.

Please help
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OK I found the install instructions

Have you been following these instructions or have you been trying to install it on your own without instructions ?

HP Officejet 1170 and 1175 Series All-in-One - Windows 2000 Software Installation Instructions
The following steps should be performed prior to installing any HP Officejet software under Microsoft (R) Windows 2000.

If upgrading to Windows 2000 from a previous operating system, such as Windows 98, remove any existing HP Officejet software from the computer,
After Windows 2000 has been installed, verify that NO HP Officejet software remains on the computer. Run the Add/Remove Programs feature from the Windows 2000 Control Panel and remove any existing HP Officejet software if it appears on the list. Uninstall or Disable any other peripheral software that may interfere with the parallel port such as: other printers, zip drives, CD drives dongle software, remove any A/B switch boxes.
The computer's parallel port must be in ECP mode. This setting is changed in the computer's BIOS settings. BPU08011 - Setting the Parallel Port to ECP Mode and Its Benefits contains more information about ECP mode and how to enable this setting. If additional assistance is required please contact the computer vendor or review the online support information for the computer.
Install the latest hot fixes and service pack releases for the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system before installing the HP Officejet Pro 1170 series. Use Windows update from the Start menu to obtain these updates.
Follow the steps below to install the HP Officejet Pro 1170 series software under the Windows 2000 operating system
Shut down the computer.
Connect the Officejet Pro1170 series to the computer, verifying that the device is properly connected using an IEEE -1284 compliant parallel cable.
Turn on the HP Officejet Pro 1170 series first, then turn on the computer.
The Windows 2000 Found New Hardware dialog box might open, identifying the Officejet Pro as a new device. If a plug and play screen does not automatically open, go to the Windows 2000 Control Panel and select Add/Remove Hardware application. Click Next, then choose Add/Troubleshoot a device.
Next may need to be clicked, and on the subsequent screen, choose Search for a suitable driver, which is the recommended choice.
Depending on the Windows 2000 installation configuration, Windows 2000 master CD may be needed.
Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. The Windows 2000 Hardware Wizard will install drivers for both printing and scanning operation. The installation of the Officejet Pro1170 series can be checked by verifying that the Officejet Pro1170 series scanner has been added to the Scanners and Cameras folder (in the Control Panel), and the Officejet Pro1170 series printer has been added to the Printers folder.
Printing and TWAIN scanning are now operational. To print, select the HP Officejet Pro 1170 series printer in the applications Print dialog box. To scan, open a TWAIN -compatible application (Word, PowerPoint, Corel (R) Draw, Photoshop, etc.) and select Acquire Image from either the File or Insert Menu. Check the application's documentation for more information on TWAIN scanning.

If Windows plug and play does not correctly install the printing and scanning drivers, please link to BPU01835 - Solving Windows 2000 Plug-and-Play Issues to resolve the issue.

HP has provided additional software called "HP AIO 2000" that provides other features such as the HP Viewer, Creative Printing, and electronic help. This software can be downloaded at by selecting this link. Install it AFTER the Print/Scan drivers have been installed.
The driver may not install through the add printer wizard therefore it may not have inf files.

Download the program to your desktop then doubleclick on the downloaded file. If it installs this way it will now bring up the installshield or something like that.

NOTE:Make sure the file is not in winxip format if it is you will have to unxip it and then through either add printer wizard or start - run and start installing the software
masoodAuthor Commented:
the unzipped files doo not have any inf files and this seems to be the problem.
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