Hard drive kicking the bukket?

I have a conner ct204 hard drive.Everytime i copy
or install something from any device the hard drive pauses
and continues after a while.It does this a few times.
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wlennonConnect With a Mentor VP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
I would also check the amout of free space on the hard drive, if you are getting too low on available space, could be working with the swap file.

Good HDD's are usually good for 3-8 years (8 being a stretch, but I do have one). I would suggest, as cheap as they are now, to get a new one, especially if you have less than 2gb.

Don ThomsonCommented:
Have you done a complete scandisk including surface scan on it. If not do it. I would also try this:

Boot to Start Menu (F8)  and choose Command prompt only


DIR /s

watch to see if it pauses  while it lists all your files. If it does - Get a new drive and try ghosting it before it completely fails.

Renier_mAuthor Commented:
Scandisk reports no errors.Not even a bad cluster.Dir in
dos works fine.I formatted the hard drive a few times.
It stil has this problem
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Renier_mAuthor Commented:
I have more than a gb free.
Could be some other component failing.  BUt if it's not.  You may be interested in this info. http://forum.seagate.com/SERVICE/Email%20Forum.nsf/2ef34569a054bcdb8625675f007756e0/8625674b0053392e862569cb0052f624?OpenDocument
Have you checked to make sure FastFind isn't running.  Do a Control/Alternate/Delete and see whats running.
Don ThomsonCommented:
Are you using a Virus Scanner - It may be checking EVERYTHING. What programs cause this problems
hmmm.. it is strange that scandisk doesn't show anyting it sounds almost as if you have a bad-sector on your hdd but seeing that it shows nothing i would sugest try and defrag your hdd it may help but also try and do the dos scandisk they sually pick up stuff like a bad sector
Be well!
I had a drive with a similar problem.
If you have the drive configured as fat16 the bad cluster may not show up.
But it may show up in scandisk if the drive is configured as fat32.
I had a bad cluster that only showed up(it was in the middle of a 6.5gb drive) when data was written to that cluster.
It caused major lags which baffled me for quite some time.
The drive eventually failed 9months old.
Run scandisk configured on thorough. Make sure all options under advanced is checked.

What Motherboard IDE controller is this thing hooked up to???  Have you fixed this yet?
This is a sure sign of an impending drive failure.  A drive does NOT have to have any bad sectors, etc. for it to fail.  If the drive motor / electronics are having trouble keeping the speed constant, the drive will pause, continue etc. You need to replace the drive while you can still get data from it.
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